1 Hour Value Packed Webinar


The video is really long so here’s the timestamps if you want:

Introduction – 0:00

Alan Introduction – 0:50

Topic Introduction – 2:14

Freecashflow.io missions statement – 2:46

Typical $1.5M/Year Ecom Business Owner – 3:38

Are my facebook/google ads tax deductible? – 7:05

Tax deductions about inventory?/Dropshipping? – 8:32

How to travel for free? – 13:27

Example of 7 figure ecommerce business expense – 16:57

Can deduct driving mileage for business expense? – 18:54

Can I hire family members? – 22:47

I’m working from home. What kind of tax deductions can I take? – 25:07

Why setup an LLC? What are the benefits? – 27:06

How to stretch the dollar? How to invest my company profits into investments? – 29:37

What do I do about sales tax? How to deal with ecommerce sales tax? – 36:22

Why should I hire you? Why hire an accountant specialised in online business? – 39:42

For an average ecom owner, what are the easiest low hanging fruit adjustments that you can do to save taxes and how much can you expect to save? – 42:04

Is there anyway to invest the freecashflow back into investments eg. stocks etc? – 43:23

Could you explain more about the 401k and how we can save tax on that? – 44:38

When do you recommend getting an accountant – is there a specific dollar amount you should then look to get to hire one? How should I go about looking for one? – 45:50

What software systems do you recommend/what type of source documents do you need to keep? How should I go about setting this up? – 47:50

If we are hiring VAs and such, how do we expense this how do you go about structuring the deductions for this – any special scenarios for this? – 49:47

Difference between bookeeper/tax accountant? – 52:10

What are the types of services that you offer and how does that help ecom/online entrepreneurs? – 53:55

Biggest mistakes that your clients experience? – 55:47

I have not charged sales tax for my ecommerce store in the past do i owe the IRS now? How does sales tax work and How do we pay that to the IRS? – 58:18

How do people find you? – 1:00:59

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