Never File Another Tax Form For Your Onlyfans Business Ever Again

W-9? 1099? Tax forms? LLCs? 

FreeCashFlow.io helps adult online creators file their taxes, reduce their tax payables and clean bookkeeping so that the IRS does not come after you.

Let the CPAs handle the work for you.
Focus on growing your business.

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Our Customers ūüėä
Michelle Gonzalez, Texas

Situation Michelle was facing before working with us:
Confused, facing tax penalties and needing to pay interest, scared, and 4 years of financials not reported and filled. 

No accounting systems in place, receipts and money in/out with no structure.

After working with freecashflow.io:
We helped Michelle clean her books from past years, settle all of her outstanding penalties, and helped her claim tax deductions so that she pays less tax.

1. A lot LESS stress, a lot LESS dealing with tax forms
2. Has MORE time to focus on just creating content for her customers
3. Can go about her day to day feeling great knowing a team is supporting her on the tax and accounting side!

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Are You Struggling With These Issues?

FreeCashFlow.io works with online adult content creators. We thoroughly understand your pain points.


How Would Your Life Change If You Could Just...

It’s never been easier to create a beautiful and functional website. Conversion provides you with everything you need to get started and make an impact.





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You're 100% Focused On The Things That Grow Your Business

Because we work with many other content creators just like yourself. You’re probably dealing with soooo many things in your business currently…
Which just begs the question…after doing all of that everyday how do I even have time or the ENERGY to even think or settle tax and accounting issues?

How Do I Even Have Time Or The ENERGY To Think Or Deal With Tax & Accounting Issues?


What is this actually costing you to NOT take action now?

For example, if your business is making $400,000 per year.  

It means it is costing you at least $1095 of your time every day that you are not TAKING action to solve your tax and accounting issues.

This amount is even more than $1095 considering the tax savings that you WON’T be getting in addition.

Lean on the experts to solve your problem, and focus on the highest leverage activities that grow your business.

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License Number #1: CPA031269
License Number #2: CPA121400

Authenticated by VerifyCPA, Registered In California Board Of accountancy

The Only Licensed CPA Firm For Online Business In The USA

Why FreeCashFlow.io?

Work with a team that understands you and SPEAKS YOUR Language


Serving Only Online Businesses & Creators Like You

Because we work with OF and adult online creators like you, there are a lot of nuances that your industry has and can best advise you on your situation because we help so many other creators as well. 

Our team understands your industry: Shooting content, OF transaction fees, working with a marketing agency, opening tinder profiles, subscription revenue, upselling through sexting, shooting video vs photo shots, pricing your content to maximize revenue, content creation schedules.


20+ Years Experience Working In Multinational Companies

We have worked in corporate America. And yes, we’re going to be using the same strategies the billion dollar companies use to help you with your tax and accounting situation.‚Äč


98% Customer Retention Rate

Our customers reflect how much value we’re adding to their businesses. We’re very proud to retain 98% of our customers, which goes to show we’re driving a lot of value for the customers we serve.
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Introducing FreeCashFlow.io's Onlyfans Tax & Bookkeeping Package

Automated Tax Fillings

We’ll help you to file your taxes.

1099? W-9? 

Any form you have, we will handle it for you, you’ll never have to fill in another tax form again.


You know all the invoices / receipts that you have? 

Yes, we will take care of that.

Then we’ll take all that info and put it into clean financial statements that the IRS would be proud of.

You’ll always know how much money is going in and out of your business.

Tax Reduction

We’ll give you tax advice on the things that you can be doing to reduce your taxes.

Real estate, HSA, 401ks, tax deduction tactics, we’ll give you the advice you would need.

And if you want it implemented, we’ll implement it as well.
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100% Risk-Free

Money Back Guarantee Or You Simply Don't Pay

We at freecashflow.io are extremely proud of the service and team that we have built. We are obsessive at helping our customers win.

We deliver on our promises or you simply don’t pay.

If we do not help you file your taxes promptly, we will give you back your money.

We want to make it so that there is NO RISK to you when you sign with freecashflow.io

If you have refund requests or unhappy with your service, simple message our CEO directly at alan@freecashflow.io and we will take care of it.

Here's What You're Going To Get

How much sales/revenue did your OF Business bring in during the prior calendar year?

$100K Gross Annual Revenue

FreeCashFlow.io OF "Worry Free" Package




You Save 2 months!

  • Year-round support for all of your consultation and strategy needs
  • Dedicated slack channel so you can ask questions anytime (1-2 Business Day response time)
  • Algorithmic Tax Planning to ensure you are benchmarked and get the maximum tax-saving profit you deserve.
  • Annual Bookkeeping where we will provide you with a presentable balance sheet and income statement.
  • Annual Federal and State Tax Filings with the IRS
  • Dedicated review process so you can learn about all the ways you can take advantage of all the tax deductions and credits for the next cycle (and how to qualify for them!)
  • Complementary 6-month extension services
  • 3 x 1-hour consultation calls that is useable anytime during the year
  • Support for Optimized Business Structure setup and 1099 filings
  • 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
  • Access to our 30 hours "Tax-Free Ecom" Course so you can learn about how you can properly structure your OF business and let your money grow for you and set yourself up for the future
  • Access to our network of referral and agency recommendations.
  • Never worry about filling up another tax form again
  • Have more time & less stress to focus on growing your business
  • Be confident the IRS won't come after you
  • Absolute peace of mind

If You Need One-Time Tax Filing ONLY

FreeCashFlow.io OF Tax Filing Package
1-Time Payment

$1,500 USD

We accept VISA, Mastercard, Google, Apple Pay and process our payments on stripe.

P.S. OF also uses Stripe for their payment processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions. We answer them here!

We offer a tax and accounting service for adult content creators. 

We charge a monthly fee for OF creators to handle:

  1. Tax Forms + Tax Deduction
  2. Bookkeeping 
  3. Accounting 

Every month, we will help you settle your books so that your finances are up to date so you can track your cash flow, financial statements etc.

You can either pay monthly or pay yearly. 

If you pay yearly upfront, we normally give a discount too.

Most creators who come to us pay yearly as it helps them reduce their payable taxes at the end of the year. 

We provide our customers a chat function, this is through slack / our app so that YOU or your team can ask questions anytime you like. 

We work with over 20+ models in the industry (as of feb 2022) and growing. 

They come from a variety of background, with some of them also having personal brands and social media presence on youtube / twitch.

A lot of them have started growing their businesses and needed an expert to help them with their problems.

For OF models specifically there are various low-hanging fruit deductions that you can take, based on our experiences working with OF models.

A few of these include:

  1. Purchasing camera / audio equipment for shoots content creation
  2. Paying for flights and food as business expense when partnering with other creators
  3. Purchasing costumes
  4. Buying real estate
  5. Hiring people as part of their team
  6. Making investments into building eCommerce brands to expand their business portfolio 

We keep our customers happy because we deliver on our promises. 

If we do not file all your taxes promptly by the tax deadline, we will give you back your money 100%.

We have a very strong 98% retention rate across our customers, and 100% for our OF model clientele.

Which means that there has NEVER been a customer leave our agency because we deliver on our promises. 

We use a payment processor called Stripe which processes all of our payments securely through SSL 256-bit encryption.

Fun fact: Onlyfans’s underlying payment processor is also on Stripe!¬†

Yes, ironically…if you pay for freecashflow.io’s accounting service, that can be recognised as a business expense and you can reduce your taxes for the year.¬†

FreeCashFlow.io is based in Los Angeles, California.

Our official business address:

California, USA

Our business phone number:


Erase Your Tax & Accounting Problems Today

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