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Adult video sharing has undergone a dramatic shift in the past decade.

Unlike the traditional method of sharing adult content via peer-to-peer file sharing and bespoke websites, adult content in the past decade has been largely served via online platforms providing free on-demand access to content.

The past two years have witnessed a disruptive increase in interactive social websites. It is through these platforms that adult content creators have been engaging with their audiences in creative ways.

These online platforms not only connect content creators with consumers but also allow the creators to use various strategies coupled within the platform to monetize their content. The most prominent platform dominating this new trend in adult video sharing is OnlyFans.

Launched in 2016 as a general content platform, OnlyFans became quite popular among adult content creators, reaching 1.5M creators and 150M registered users in 2022.

Unlike the prior adult video-sharing platforms, OnlyFans provides a platform where content creators can accumulate, interact, and maintain an audience by offering subscription-based content.

Since the platform acts as an online marketplace for creators to provide adult content, creators compete with each other for subscribers or consumers. That’s because fans can switch between subscriptions to different content creators, given OnlyFans as an online marketplace provides fans access to innumerable content creators creating personalized content.

This method of providing adult video content is completely in contrast with the traditional method of peer-to-peer file sharing. Hence, OnlyFans content creators have to use innovative strategies to interact with their audience and funnel them toward payment services.

Keeping into consideration the disruptive effect, unique characteristics, scale, and prominence of adult video-sharing platforms like OnlyFans, it becomes extremely important for OnlyFans content creators to reach out to OnlyFans Managers. The OnlyFans Managers are experts who provide professional full-service OnlyFans management and various tools to maximize the success of content creators on OnlyFans.

In this article, we will let you know what OnlyFans managers do, how to hire OnlyFans managers, and why should you hire OnlyFans Managers.

What Do OnlyFans Managers Do?

OnlyFans Managers are the experts who run OnlyFans agencies to help content creators manage their accounts and provide them with tools to maximize their success on OnlyFans.

These experts provide OnlyFans content creators with proven strategies to help them create captivating content and attract more fans to pay for their content. They help content creators with content strategy and content ideas.

Besides providing professional OnlyFans account management and marketing services, OnlyFans managers also help content creators protect their identity by providing them with systems and software that guarantee their account security.

So let’s understand what are the key services offered by OnlyFans Management Companies. This will help you understand as an OnlyFans content creator why should you hire OnlyFans managers?

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1. OnlyFans Account Management

The OnlyFans Management Companies help content creators manage their OnlyFans accounts. These management agencies provide OnlyFans Creators with personal account managers who have years of experience in the industry and accordingly help OnlyFans creators grow their fan base and establish connections with their fans.

The personal account managers may help the content creators new to OnlyFans set up their accounts on OnlyFans. Besides this, they may help the content creators who already have their OnlyFans accounts to optimize their accounts by providing services like devising content strategy, content planning, editing, and posting content.

Also, these managers may help OnlyFans content creators to upsell their content and sell their Chats, PPVs, and other customized content at higher prices. These managers help OnlyFans content creators build strong connections with fans through direct messages and help them in maximizing their tips or average payment per fan.

Not only this, the OnlyFans account managers provide content creators with monthly reports to keep them updated with the progress.

2. OnlyFans Social Media Management

Apart from managing the OnlyFans accounts of the content creators, the OnlyFans account managers also help content creators in managing their social media accounts.

Right from managing social media pages to building strategies for converting followers to fans, the OnlyFans managers ensure that they take complete charge of your social media marketing.

To help OnlyFans content creators captivate the attention of the audience on social media, the OnlyFans account managers help creators in building relevant content for each of the social media platforms.

Each of the social media platforms like TikTok, Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter serves the audience with a specific format and type of content. Thus, it’s extremely important to meet the varied expectations of the audience on different social media platforms.

To make a long-lasting impression on social media, OnlyFans account managers ensure that they post relevant content on each of these platforms to communicate and connect with new and loyal customers.

They help OnlyFans content creators in planning, creating, and posting tailored content for each of the social media platforms. Besides this, they also help content creators in finding relevant and trending hashtags and optimize social media content by using such hashtags within their posts.

Also, the OnlyFans account managers ensure that the OnlyFans content creators are posting content on various social media platforms at a relevant time.

They do this by keeping track of the time when the content creators’ audience is most active on social media through social testing with posts and posting times. The account managers also track the post-engagement history of the content creators to determine the optimal times when the creators can post on different social media platforms.

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3. Channel Growth and Retention

To become a successful OnlyFans content creator, it is extremely important to gain new fans and also retain existing ones constantly. This is where OnlyFans management agencies come into the picture.

These agencies provide the content creators on OnlyFans with the right tools and strategies to acquire new Fans and retain the existing ones.

For instance, the OnlyFans management agencies identify the right social media channels for the content creators and implement proven strategies to set up a growth Fan funnel for them.

Further, they help the content creators in creating the right kind of content for each of the social media platforms and actively engage with the audience to develop lasting relationships.

Besides, the OnlyFans management agencies help content creators in building cohesive brand identity by optimizing their social media profiles.

For instance, the account managers target specific keywords that the audience uses to search for OnlyFans models and add those keywords within the content creators’ bio and description areas. Further, they may include links to the OnlyFans pages of the content creators within their bio section to convert the social media followers into Fans.

Besides this, the OnlyFans managers may run profitable paid media campaigns on OnlyFans and even beyond the OnlyFans platform to get more exposure and generate more traffic.

4. Anonymity and CyberSecurity

Many OnlyFans content creators do not want to reveal their identity and want to work as anonymous OnlyFans creators. However, they are unable to achieve this as their paywalled content is exposed to the risk of being stolen and shared publicly. This may cost the OnlyFans content creators in terms of either losing their jobs outside of OnlyFans or connections with family and friends.

Well, the OnlyFans content creators need not worry about cyber security as the OnlyFans Management agencies help the content creators protect their identity and adjust their cyber security and anonymity according to their needs.

These agencies provide security to the content creators by using special links, GEO-IP blocks, and software that can guarantee them security.

5. 24/7 Chatting Service

The OnlyFans Management Agencies also provide a 24/7 chatting service to content creators.

If you are new to OnlyFans, you might have a lot of time to chat with your fans by yourself. But once your account starts growing, you may not find enough time to answer the fans’ messages, although it’s important for you as a creator to answer every message.

This is where OnlyFans management agencies come into the picture. These agencies take the administrative task of chatting with your fans and allow content creators to focus on creating and marketing content on OnlyFans.

The account managers are trained in keeping the content creators’ OnlyFans subscribers hooked. They manage the daily messages and admin tasks and help content creators reduce their workload. Besides streamlining the workload for content creators, these management agencies create quality content and help creators generate revenue through PPV messages.

Thus, the chatting service offered by OnlyFans management agencies gives creators dedicated personnel. Such a person is responsible for engaging with fans, building a long-lasting relationship, and selling the creators’ PPV content.

This not only boosts the sales for content creators but also provides an intimate experience to the fans as these personnel are constantly available 24/7 to provide chat support to the fans of OnlyFans content creators.

6. Reporting and Analysis

One of the other important services that OnlyFans management agencies provide to content creators is of data reporting and analysis. These agencies keep track of data concerning information about the content creators’ followers, content views, earnings, and much more.

They make use of analytics tools to track the performance of content creators on OnlyFans and help them make data-driven decisions to optimize their page and increase their earnings.

The data analytics help the OnlyFans management agencies to improve content strategy for the OnlyFans content creators. These account managers keep track of the content that is performing well in terms of views and earnings.

Such data helps them to guide content creators on the type of content they should create and the frequency at which they should post such content on their OnlyFans account.

Besides this, the data also helps the management agencies in enhancing the engagement with fans for OnlyFans content creators. By analyzing the activity of fans and the type of content they engage with, the management agencies can help the creators in creating tailored content for fans. Creating and providing fans with tailored content improves engagement and ultimately brings in more earnings for the creators.

In addition to the above, OnlyFans data helps management agencies in created targeted marketing campaigns for content creators.

By studying the fans’ demographics like age, location, and interests, the management agencies are better able to reach the target audience of OnlyFans content creators.

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Pros and Cons of Hiring an OnlyFans Account Manager or OnlyFans Manager?

Those who are new to OnlyFans may not require OnlyFans account managers or OnlyFans management agencies, given these come at a cost. But, those who have a well-established audience on OnlyFans may require one as there is too much to handle for a single entity.

In this section, we will try to understand what are the benefits of OnlyFans Agency. Simultaneously, we will also take a look at the costs of hiring an OnlyFans account manager to understand whether you need a manager for your OnlyFans account or not.

Pros of Hiring an OnlyFans Account Manager

1. Improvised Content Strategy

The OnlyFans account managers may help the content creators spot trending content and guide them on their content strategy, that is, the type of content they should create and post on their account.

Further, they also help content creators in determining what and how much content should the creators provide for free and what content to upload as the content behind the paywall.

2. Professional Content Management

The OnlyFans management agencies manage the OnlyFans accounts of creators with the help of professional account managers who have great experience and expertise in account handling.

Right from creating the OnlyFans account to optimizing accounts profile, scheduling, and posting content, the OnlyFans account managers do everything to generate fans and enhance engagement.

3. Targeted Outreach

OnlyFans content creators need not worry about outreaching their target audience as the management agencies help them prepare targeted marketing campaigns. These agencies not only market on the OnlyFans platform but also leverage the social media accounts of the OnlyFans content creators to convert followers into fans.

In addition to this, these agencies make use of proven strategies to upsell content through direct messages, PPVs, and other customized content. Further, they help content creators in optimizing their profiles so that they can target keywords through which fans are searching for desired content on OnlyFans.

4. Cyber Security

By hiring the OnlyFans management agencies, the OnlyFans content creators need not worry about their content getting leaked or their anonymous identity getting public.

These agencies ensure that the cyber security of the content creators is kept intact with the help of software systems and GEO IP links.

5. Maximized Earnings

Through tracking data analytics including content views and fan demographics, the OnlyFans managers help content creators create tailored content for fans. Tailored content makes fans engage with the content all the more and come back for more.

Further, they also help creators in determining what and how to upsell content. The management agencies also guide the creators on the type of content the creators need to create after considering the data.

Besides this, they also help creators to take leverage of tips through DMs and the OnlyFans profile page.

6. Reduced Workload

By delegating the admin tasks to the OnlyFans management agencies, the content creators can focus on creating content. Besides managing content on the creators’ OnlyFans account, these agencies also provide 24/7 chat support to engage with fans. A dedicated manager provides the creators with all the necessary support they need to run their OnlyFans account.

7. Social Media Management

The OnlyFans managers also help the content creators in managing their social media accounts on platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit.

Besides helping the creators schedule and post the content, the account managers also track data regarding post performance and guide the creators on what to post and when to post on social media accounts.

Cons of Hiring an OnlyFans Account Manager

1. Payouts

The OnlyFans account managers charge somewhere between 30% to 40% of the earnings that content creators generate on their OnlyFans accounts. In return, these managers help content creators grow and do everything to maximize earnings for them.

If you are new to OnlyFans, these may be huge percentages, and hence would be challenging for you to expend so much money in the form of commissions.

2. Vulnerability to Fraud

There are many agencies that promise big returns on your OnlyFans accounts or may refuse to be transparent in handling your OnlyFans account. You must be wary of such agencies as they may be fraudulent in carrying out their activities. Thus, as a content creator on OnlyFans, you must be aware of the obvious red flags.

How To Hire An OnlyFans Manager To Manage Your Account?

Skilled OnlyFans managers know their job. Hiring some of the best OnlyFans managers can help you get more traffic, post optimized content at the right time, convert viewers into fans, and boost your earnings from OnlyFans.

But how do you know the OnlyFans agency you’re collaborating with is worth your time and money? How to get an OnlyFans manager whom you can depend on for managing your OnlyFans page so that you can buy time to create quality content and augment your ROI?

There are a few things to consider to understand how to hire an OnlyFans manager or marketing agency for your OnlyFans business.

1. Requisite Experience & Expertise

Check if the OnlyFans marketing agency you are considering has the requisite experience and expertise. Look at the team behind the agency, its qualification, and its experience working with other OnlyFans content creators.

2. Services They Offer

Also, check if it offers all or only handful of services you may need as an OnlyFans creator. These could include content writing, SEO optimization, social media management, promotion and distribution, account handling, etc.

No point going with a marketing agency that doesn’t manage DMs or provide marketing on third-party platforms like Reddit if that’s what you’re looking for.

3. Pricing Plans and Packages

Compare the pricing packages of the marketing agency you are considering with other agencies in the market to ensure you are getting good value for your money. See what fee arrangement is the marketing agency following to offer you services.

The fee arrangement could be a flat monthly rate, a referral sign-up, a combination of referral sign-up and a flat monthly rate, or a percentage of your earnings. Go for an agency that offers you a fee arrangement that maximizes your ROI.

4. A Successful Track Record

Make sure that the company has a track record of successful clients. You can check the marketing agency’s client portfolio and how it helped other OnlyFans content creators like you grow their fan base and boost their Onlyfans earnings.

5. Watch Out for the Red Flags

There are a few things you need to be wary of before hiring an OnlyFans manager or marketing agency for your OnlyFans business.

  • If an agency makes extravagant claims such as increasing your OnlyFans fanbase by x% within an unreasonable time, chances are that it is not authentic.
  • Likewise, the marketing agency may refuse to be transparent in handling your OnlyFans account. For instance, it may resist telling you what platform is it posting your content for promotion, what content is it posting, if it’s posting it in your name, etc.
  • Why would you choose a marketing agency that lacks transparency? If it’s confident about its expertise, it will be transparent in what it is doing to help you generate increased ROI for your OnlyFans business.
  • If the agency demands you to enter into a contract for a fixed number of months, it is basically asking you to stay bound to its services irrespective of how well or poorly it is handling your OnlyFans account. Make sure you aren’t committing to such a contract because you may end up paying for something which is not worth your money.
  • Many agencies may offer you their services at prices that may seem very attractive but turn out to be scammy within no time. For instance, an agency offering you an ‘x’ number of subscribers within no time at a dearth of cheap prices may be working with the objective of collecting these smaller checks from you for a few months before their true scammy nature is revealed to you.

Now that we know the factors to consider before hiring an OnlyFans manager, you may ask what is the best OnlyFans agency(s) that you can probably work with to grow your OnlyFans earnings. Let’s look at some OnlyFans agencies that are the best in the industry.

Best OnlyFans Agencies for Your OnlyFans Business

One of the critical decisions you may have to take is regarding hiring an agency for your OnlyFans business. You want an agency that delivers the claims it makes with regard to increased visibility, growing fanbase, and higher earnings from your OnlyFans business.

Further, you must be clear with your objective of hiring an OnlyFans agency to get the most out of your time and investment.

For instance, if your intent is to promote and distribute your content on third-party platforms like Reddit, you need an agency that has expertise in promoting your content on such platforms and help you gain increased subscribers.

Likewise, if you want an OnlyFans manager who can take care of marketing as a whole so that you can focus on creating quality content, you need an agency that offers you a complete range of services from search engine optimization, content distribution, and promotion, to inbox and campaign managers.

To help you find the OnlyFans agency that best serves your needs, we’ve curated an article on the Top 7 OnlyFans Agencies that can help boost your OnlyFans business earnings.

OnlyFans Agency Services Offered
UseViral Growing your subscribers and likes on OnlyFans to get ahead of the OnlyFans algorithm, grow your visibility, and OnlyFans earnings.
Bunny Agency OnlyFans account management, OnlyFans account audit, account growth, and OnlyFans marketing. 
SEO Bounty A top-of-the-line agency that establishes your brand on fan sites. It offers a wide range of services including brand development, OnlyFans promotion services, OnlyFans account management, account setup, social media management, site and OnlyFans page audits, branded graphic and video production, OnlyFans consultancy, OnlyFans education, and SEO, link building, and Google AdWords management
Sakura Management One of the best OnlyFans marketing firms with a team of Professional chatters to help you with your marketing needs. They offer services including customer relation management, compounding revenue, and content management
NEO Agency A top-notch advertising firm for maximizing your success on OnlyFans with their OnlyFans advertising services. These include personal success strategy, OnlyFans account management, Channel growth and retention management, social media content creation, and OnlyFans account audit
1Million Girls One of the best marketing agencies in OnlyFans for a multifaceted marketing campaign. They provide services such as customer acquisition, customer monetization, content management, direct message handling, and customer relations management
OFAgency An excellent OnlyFans marketing agency that helps you grow your audience, manage your OnlyFans account, and optimize your content strategy. Their services include content strategy, promotion and marketing, account management, financial management, and legal support. 

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