image represents Biggest Marketing mistakes B2B SAAS Startup companies Make With Content Marketing

What are the Biggest Marketing mistakes B2B SAAS Startup companies Make With Content Marketing?

If you’re a B2B SAAS startup, there are certain content marketing traps that are easy to fall into.

You want to create content that will help you rank in Google and attract visitors to your site, but if you make any of these common mistakes, your efforts could be for nothing.

Here are the biggest mistakes B2B SAAS startups make with their content marketing:

Mistakes B2B SaaS startups make with content marketing?

1. Assume that the content market is writing.

One of the biggest mistakes that B2B SaaS startups make when it comes to content marketing is not understanding their target audience’s buyer journey.

image represents Assume that the content market is writing as one of the biggest marketing mistakes b2bsaas startup companies make with content marketing

Many times, startups will not take the time to research their audience’s needs and desires, or research the competition to get a better understanding of their buyer’s journey.

Without this, it can be difficult to create content that resonates with their target audience and drives conversions. Additionally, focusing too much on producing content for quantity over quality can lead to a lack of engagement, as well as sending signals to search engines that the content is not up to par.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that the content you are creating is of high quality and is designed to lead the buyer down the conversion funnel.

2. Overlooking promotion and distribution.

Content marketing is an integral part of any successful B2B SaaS startup’s marketing strategy.

image represents Overlooking promotion and distribution is writing as one of the biggest marketing mistakes b2bsaas startup companies make with content marketing

However, too many startups overlook content promotion and distribution, which can lead to many issues.

Without adequate content promotion, startups may find that their content simply isn’t being seen by the right people. Additionally, neglecting to distribute content across multiple channels can limit the number of potential customers who can access it.

As a result, startups may be missing out on valuable leads and opportunities. Furthermore, without the right metrics in place to track the success of the content, businesses may not be able to properly measure the effectiveness of their content marketing efforts.

Finally, failing to provide high-quality customer support can also hinder the success of a content marketing campaign. It’s important for B2B SaaS startups to understand the importance of content promotion and distribution in order to maximize the effectiveness of their content marketing strategy.

3. Overlooking project partners and content contributors.

B2B SaaS startups often make mistakes with content marketing that can hamper their growth.

image represents Overlooking project partners and content contributors is writing as one of the biggest marketing mistakes b2bsaas startup companies make with content marketing

These include:

  • Hiding product prices
  • Copying competitors’ pricing
  • Tracking the wrong metrics
  • Having a content-thin website
  • Providing poor customer support
  • Emphasizing features over benefits
  • Using proprietary language
  • Focusing on product/company goals over customer goals.

Additionally, many SaaS companies make the mistake of blogging and praying – producing content but not promoting or distributing it afterward. This leads to having helpful and valuable content on their website that no one is reading or aware of.

To avoid these pitfalls, B2B SaaS startups should always align their content with buyer personas’ search queries and pain points, talk the way buyers talk, and focus on providing solutions to customers’ most pressing issues.

4. Assuming content marketing is expensive.

Content marketing is an effective strategy for B2B SaaS startups to acquire new customers and increase brand awareness.

image represents Assuming content marketing is expensive is writing as one of the biggest marketing mistakes b2bsaas startup companies make with content marketing

However, it is important to note the cost of content marketing and why it is essential to assume it’s expensive.

Creating quality content isn’t cheap, and most startups don’t have the capacity or budget to hire an experienced professional. Even if there is an in-house writer, it can take up to two years for them to become proficient in the craft. Hiring outside help is also expensive, with an estimated price tag of at least $100,000.

This is why it’s important to consider the cost of content marketing when it comes to B2B SaaS companies. Along with the cost of the content itself, there are other expenses associated with the process such as the cost of promotion and trafficking. Low-quality traffic can be a huge drain on resources and drive page loads but not real user engagement.

Overall, content marketing is an essential tool for B2B SaaS startups, but it is important to understand the cost and be prepared for the investment. Without proper planning, budgeting, and promotion, the content won’t be effective and the ROI won’t be realized.

5. Watch some Gary Vaynerchuk videos as you do the dishes.

Watching some Gary Vaynerchuk videos can help with content marketing by teaching viewers the importance of creating content with the customer in mind.

Vaynerchuk’s videos emphasize the need to focus on the customer’s perspective when it comes to creating video content, as well as understanding how the content can be used to improve their everyday life and business results.

Additionally, Vaynerchuk emphasizes the importance of tracking metrics related to the performance of each piece of content and understanding that success stories rarely discuss the hard work involved.

Ultimately, Vaynerchuk stresses the importance of creating something awesome and understanding that marketing won’t save a product that doesn’t solve customers’ problems.

6. Don’t think narrowly in terms of pain points and your solution.

Not thinking narrowly in terms of pain points and your solution can have a negative effect on your content marketing efforts. Without taking the time to identify your customers’ pain points and come up with a tailored solution, your content will lack the focus and personal touch that can truly engage your audience.

Your content may be interesting, but without that extra level of detail, your customer won’t feel like they can trust your product or service.


When it comes to content marketing, there are a few key mistakes that B2B SAAS startups often make. From failing to define their target audience to neglecting SEO, these mistakes can quickly lead to a decline in leads and conversions.

However, by taking the time to understand your audience, produce high-quality content, and invest in SEO, you can create a content marketing strategy that will help your business succeed.

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