image represents What are the best 10 marketing channels for SaaS companies?

What are the best 10 marketing channels for SaaS companies?

When it comes to marketing, most companies have a good idea of what channels they should be using, but they often run into trouble because of factors like budget constraints, customer awareness, or product/service differentiation.

It is essential for companies in the SaaS industry to market their services effectively if they want to increase customer acquisition and retention. This blog will discuss marketing strategies that can help companies in the SaeS industry market their products effectively.

Optimizing Your SaaS Company’s Distribution Strategy

There are many marketing channels in play when it comes to distributing SaaS products, but it’s important to optimize your marketing strategies to maximize customer reach and increase revenue.

One of the key strategies is leveraging both inbound and outbound sales forces for your product distribution. This can help companies develop a strong customer base and generate more leads and sales.

Another channel is utilizing eCommerce platforms such as Shopify or Amazon’s self-service channel. This channel allows businesses to create an online presence quickly and easily, which can help expand customer reach and awareness of their product.

Third-party app stores are also a great way to reach customers. For example, companies can promote their product through app marketing campaigns on platforms like Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

Companies should also consider developing a pricing strategy that is suitable for each channel and take into account ACV. This will ensure that customers feel the value of their product and are encouraged to become loyal brand advocates.

Instead of focusing on features alone, companies should consider incorporating content marketing, product trials, SEO, and retargeting strategies in their marketing plans. These strategies help companies optimize marketing objectives by targeting potential customers with relevant content, engaging with them through marketing campaigns, offering trial versions of the product to potential customers, optimizing search engine rankings for keywords related to the product, and targeting potential customers with ads through retargeting platforms.

Here are the 10 best marketing channels for saas companies.

  • Account-based marketing (ABM)

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a marketing strategy used to target large companies and generate more leads and sales.

image represents account based marketing

It involves customizing marketing efforts across multiple channels, such as email, social media, and ABM campaigns.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is key to ensuring a website appears quickly in search results. Content marketing and product trials are effective methods to market SaaS products.

Other methods include social media marketing, business blog updates, customer testimonials, and more. Working with a B2B SaaS marketing agency can help reach more potential customers and save time and resources in marketing your business.

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing channel used by SaaS companies to increase their reach and generate more leads.

image represents affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing typically involves creating custom links to be used by affiliates, tracking the links, and paying commissions based on the conversion rate.

It can be an effective way for SaaS companies that are established and looking to diversify their income stream. However, affiliate marketing is not typically recommended for early-stage startups or those with a limited budget. Instead, it should be reserved for companies with a steady customer base and a significant marketing budget.

Instead of using only one marketing channel, it is often beneficial to combine different strategies to maximize business growth potential.

For example, companies can use affiliate marketing in conjunction with other marketing strategies, such as paid search campaigns. By combining different channels, companies can reach different audiences with their marketing strategies and optimize their overall business performance.

  • Agile marketing

Agile marketing focuses on distributing effort and budget to areas where they will deliver the most value. It works in shorter sprints, allowing for faster adaptation and refinement of marketing strategies.

image represents Agile marketing

This approach focuses on the distribution of marketing efforts in areas that are likely to achieve the greatest impact, such as social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Success in SaaS and tech companies requires best practices for inbound marketing, SEO, and social media marketing.

An effective SaaS marketing strategy requires a deep understanding of the buyer’s journey and how to create an effective funnel to guide prospects through the decision-making process.

  • Brand marketing

SaaS companies require effective marketing strategies to effectively promote their services and differentiate themselves from competitors. Brand marketing is an essential part of a SaaS marketing strategy and helps companies stand out from the crowd.

image represents brand marketing

SaaS companies must carefully choose the logo, brand name, and other marketing materials that they use to market their services. These materials should be easily recognizable, visually appealing, and memorable.

They also need to be consistent with the company’s overall brand image and business strategy. A strong brand presence helps customers identify with a company and increases customer loyalty over time. Lastly, brand marketing can be used to build relationships with customers, which can result in referrals and word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Content marketing

Content marketing is an effective way to market SaaS products. In particular, content marketing can help companies target potential customers with relevant content.

image represents Content marketing

Paid search campaigns are also a great way to market SaaS products. However, they require significant overhead, making them more costly and time-consuming than other marketing strategies.

SaaS companies should also consider marketing their products through other channels, such as e-commerce and third-party app stores. These channels allow companies to reach customers directly without requiring customer interactions in person.

Search engine marketing (SEM), which includes organic search results and pay-per-click campaigns, is another effective way to market SaaS products. Finally, content marketing is an integral part of the long-term marketing plan for SaaS companies [101, 102, 103, 104].

  • Conversational marketing

SaaS companies should consider implementing a formal word-of-mouth marketing approach to take advantage of social proof and influence potential customers.

image represents Conversational marketing

Referral marketing is an effective way for companies to acquire new customers and stand out from the competition.

SaaS companies can promote their service through social media, email campaigns, and marketing materials to attract potential users. However, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are more effective in this regard due to their ability to reach a large audience quickly with little cost.

In addition, SaaS companies must choose the right distribution channel to use in a particular stage of a company’s lifespan. For example, companies that are just starting out may benefit from using social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, while companies in later stages may want to focus on email marketing campaigns or email newsletters.

Overall, social media platforms such as Facebook allow companies to easily market their services to potential customers in a cost-effective way.

  • Direct mail marketing

Direct mail marketing is a great way to reach out to customers in a refreshing way. Tailored direct mail campaigns can target customers more precisely, thus maximizing the return on investment.

image represents Direct mail marketing

Direct mail campaigns provide companies with a unique touch to their marketing strategies that set them apart from other companies in the market. Additionally, direct mail campaigns are more expensive than email marketing campaigns, so companies must be careful not to over-rely on this channel and lose their novelty.

It is important to use direct mail marketing sparingly so that it doesn’t become too routine and companies still stand out as exceptional businesses.

  • Email marketing

Email marketing is a crucial component of successful SaaS companies’ distribution strategies. It enables companies to develop relationships with their customers and build loyalty.

image represents Email marketing

Companies use email marketing to inform customers of any changes or updates to their service, as well as provide tutorials and other helpful information.

Email marketing can be used to promote sales through special offers and discounts, or to encourage customers to upgrade their subscription plans. Additionally, email marketing can be used to promote customer engagement by sending automated messages to customers with product recommendations. E-commerce email marketing can be used to build relationships with potential customers through personalized messages and offers.

  • Event marketing

Event marketing is a great way for companies in the SaaS space to generate new customer leads. By attending events and creating content, companies can establish a presence in their market and effectively communicate with potential customers.

Moreover, it can be an inspiring experience to attend industry conferences, listen to inspiring speeches, and meet with other companies in the same business. However, event marketing comes at a cost; companies must devote time and money to organize, run, and exhibit at events.

Additionally, the success of an event marketing strategy depends on many factors such as the target audience and competition in the market. It’s important for companies in the SaaS business to continually work to attract, engage, and delight their customers to retain subscribers.

  • Growth marketing

When promoting SaaS companies online, search engine marketing (SEM) is a great way to drive organic traffic. B2B SaaS companies need to provide ongoing value to retain customers.

content marketing, product trials, SEO, and retargeting are some of the strategies used to market SaaS products. To make sure a SaaS company stands out, it is important to promote their products through multiple channels.

By optimizing your SaaS company’s distribution strategy, you can effectively market your services and increase customer engagement.


When it comes to marketing channels, you’re bound to utilize a combination of strategies that work for your business. But marketing is always evolving, and companies are using newer marketing strategies like social media marketing and content marketing that have blown the marketer’s minds in just a short period of time.

There’s no way you can ignore social media marketing, brand marketing, or content marketing. You’ll definitely be missing out on some great marketing strategies if you do so. So take note of these strategies and run with them to boost your company’s marketing strategy.

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