Top 8 Virtual Accounting Firms For SAAS Startups Based In USA

Top 8 Virtual Accounting Firms for SaaS Startups in the USA

There are a number of excellent virtual accounting firms that cater to SaaS startups in the USA. In this article, we will compare and contrast eight of the best, based on factors such as pricing, features, and customer reviews.

1. Peter, Johnsons, Staley & Co.

Virtual CPAs and vCFOs Peters Johnson, Staley & Co. focus on growth and profitability for companies with revenues exceeding $1 million.

image represents pjs &co as one of the best top 8 virtual accounting firms for saas startup in usa

While they provide standard accounting compliance services, company acceleration is their primary offering.

They have a wide range of specialties, including those in the legal, construction, dentistry, and medical fields. Their knowledgeable virtual CFOs and accountants learn about your particular business, have experience in your sector, and may create a strategy specifically for you that meets your requirements.

You receive your own virtual CPA as a customer of PJS & Co. CPAs without the duties associated with recruiting and supervising in-house staff.

Peters Johnson, Staley & Co offer a wide range of services including:
– Tax Preparation
– Business Consulting
– Financial Planning
– Retirement Planning
– Estate Planning
– and more!

Join PJS & co objective is to create a society where a good work-life balance is actually appreciated and take advantage of one-on-one, focused CPAs who aren’t overwhelmed by a high volume of clients as seen in normal accounting firms.

2. Moss Adams

A completely integrated professional services company, Moss Adams is committed to helping clients develop, manage, and safeguard their fortunes.

image represents moss adams as one of the best top 8 virtual accounting firms for saas startup in usa

Moss Adams is one of the best virtual accounting firms because they offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Invoicing.
  • Budgeting.
  • Taxes.
  • Payroll processing.
  • Bookkeeping.

Moss Adams collaborates with many of the most cutting-edge businesses and leaders in the globe, working with more than 3,800 experts across more than 30 locations in the West and beyond.

Moss Adams can assist clients at any stage of development, from start-up to rapid growth and expansion to transition, thanks to our presence in the middle market.

3. Perkins and Co.

Perkins and co is a comprehensive accounting firm designed to help small businesses manage their finances.

image represents perkins and co as one of the best top 8 virtual accounting firms for saas startup in usa


It offers a range of essential features, such as:

  • Tracking cash flow.
  • Managing finances.
  • Backing up data.

Perkins and co are easy to use and reliable, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking for ways to optimize their financial operations.

Additionally, Perkins and co offer a range of industry-specific invoice templates and the ability to use Perkins and co Payments to get paid quickly and easily. It also has real-time data synchronization so that all necessary information is up-to-date, and accessible from any device.

Perkins and co offer a range of services to SaaS startups, including tabs for checks and currencies, tax features, and in-depth reporting. It also provides a centralized platform for communication between team members both globally and within an office building.

When it comes to choosing the right virtual accounting firm for a business, there are several key factors to consider. Perkins and co is an excellent choice for small businesses because of its user-friendly platform and ability to be used by all members of the company.

It is also industry-standard, meaning it can handle growth at an exponential rate. Additionally, Perkins and co offer multiple APIs that allow for data entry automation, making it easier and more efficient for businesses. Ultimately, scaleability and industry-standard are two important factors when deciding if Perkins and co is the best fit for your business’s needs.


Tickmarks is a virtual accounting firm that has become one of the best due to its great features, wide range of integrations, and reliable customer support options.

image represents tickmarks as one of the best top 8 virtual accounting firms for saas startup in usa


It is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses and offers an end-to-end solution for managing finances and accounting as well as bookkeeping and bank reconciliation.

Tickmarks also has a low base price with unlimited users at a low cost, making it an ideal choice for businesses on a budget. Furthermore, Tickmarks’s partner network provides helpful consultancy services along with additional integration services if desired.

When deciding if tickmarks are the right virtual accounting firm for a business, there are several factors that should be considered.

First, businesses should consider their needs and goals to determine which features and services of tickmarks are most beneficial.

In addition, it is important to consider the budget of the company as well as Xero’s capabilities.

Finally, businesses should discuss tickmarks’ services with a financial adviser or accountant in order to get an accurate assessment of whether it is a good fit for the business. By taking these considerations into account when making this decision, businesses can ensure they make the best choice possible for their unique requirements.

5. Reconciled

Reconciled is one of the best virtual accounting firms.

image represents reconciled as one of the best top 8 virtual accounting firms for saas startup in usa

It is ideal for software companies in the USA due to its user-friendly design, comprehensive features, and competitive pricing.

Additional add-ons such as payroll are also available, as well as discounts on selected products through featured partner offers. The platform’s wide range of features makes it an excellent choice for small business owners who need to manage their accounting efficiently.

Reconciled is an important consideration for businesses looking for a virtual accounting firm due to its

  • Easy-to-use features.
  • Wide range of functions.
  • Cost-effectiveness.

These features make reconciled an ideal choice for freelancers and consultants who need a reliable virtual accounting solution that is both efficient and affordable.

6. Office Beacon

Top businesses all over the world have used Office Beacon’s virtual accounting and bookkeeping services for more than 20 years.

image represents office beacon as one of the best top 8 virtual accounting firms for saas startup in usa


Because they have worked with hundreds of clients, Office Beacon is one of the top virtual accounting services for SAAS Startups based in the USA.

Office Beacon provides Excellent virtual and bookkeeping services at competitive rates.

When deciding if Office Beacon is the right virtual accounting firm for a business, some factors to consider include

  • Affordability.
  • Ease of use.
  • Available services and features.
  • Fees associated with additional services and features.
  • Number of employees supported to use of the service for free.
  • Data backup options.
  • Security features.

Office Beacon has knowledgeable accountants who follow the most recent accounting and bookkeeping procedures.

7. Gusto

Gusto is a cloud-based payroll and benefits solution for small businesses that integrates with various accounting, HR, and other business software.

image represents Gusto as one of the Top 8 Virtual Accounting Firms For SAAS Startups Based In USA

Its subscription plan starts at $19 per month for basic users, making it an affordable alternative to Quilbot. With its easy-to-use accounting dashboards, Gusto allows users to track accounts payable, employee payrolls, employee benefits, or expense reporting.

Additionally, it provides helpful payroll processing and tax services without offering financial advice or investment advice beyond tax savings. Winding up as one of the best Quilbot alternatives on the market with different plans to accommodate businesses of all sizes, Gusto is a world-class provider of efficient payroll and accounting solutions.

Gusto offers a range of services to help SaaS startups grow and succeed, such as onboarding, payroll processing, insurance, employee support, time tracking, and tax services. Additionally, Gusto provides a free toolkit with accounting and payment software to help startups get off the ground. Furthermore, Gusto follows an agile work process beginning from ideation that allows companies to iterate quickly and efficiently.

Gusto is included as one of the best Quilbot alternatives because it offers a comprehensive suite of tools to manage employee onboarding, payroll processing, insurance, and employee support. It also provides helpful features such as integrated accounting and payment software which can free up time for employers to focus on their culture, as well as integrated workflows that allow for increased efficiency when performing data entry tasks. Additionally, Gusto has a great customer service team and offers a variety of pricing plans to accommodate different companies.

Gusto is a popular payroll and accounting software solution for small businesses. It offers a range of features and is easy to use, with pricing starting at $19 per month for basic plans best suited for teams of 1 or 2 people.

However, the service incurs ongoing fees as users use it, so businesses should evaluate their needs before deciding if Gusto is right for them. Additionally, Gusto offers integrations with other popular software such as QuickBooks and Xero.

It is important to consider if Gusto is the right virtual accounting firm for a business because of the range of features that it provides, such as account dashboards, payroll, and benefits management.

Additionally, Gusto offers unique accounting dashboards that make it easy to track accounts payable and employee payroll while also providing financial reporting tools. Furthermore, with different pricing plans available to accommodate different company sizes, businesses can make the most out of their paychecks and save money on taxes with Gusto’s services.

8. Harvest

Harvest is a popular time-tracking software that is used by businesses of all sizes to accurately calculate billing for clients.

image represents harvest as one of the Top 8 Virtual Accounting Firms For SAAS Startups Based In USA

It offers an easy and intuitive user interface, making it the perfect choice for software companies. Harvest integrates with many apps, such as Quickbooks and Xero, which adds to its versatility. Its three pricing plans include monthly, yearly, or enterprise subscriptions with features such as project management and accounting.

With its user-friendly features and reliable time management tool, a Harvest is a great option for businesses seeking an affordable subscription at $12 per month or up to two projects at $24 per year.

Harvest offers a range of services to SaaS startups, including time tracking, invoicing, profit & loss calculation, project management, and platform as a service. Additionally, Harvest also provides two-sided marketplaces which help businesses manage their software ecosystems more effectively.

Through these services, Harvest helps businesses implement best practices as they scale and grow while also providing them with the tools they need to better address the challenges of the software industry.

Harvest provides a number of benefits to businesses and individuals, making it an ideal choice for those looking for time-tracking and project-management software. Thanks to its ease of use and intuitive user interface, Harvest is easily accessible to any user. Additionally, the free version allows users with up to two projects to access all the features that Harvest has on offer.

Furthermore, Harvest’s extensive integration with over 80 apps makes it a comprehensive tool for managing business operations. The range of pricing options available from monthly, yearly, or enterprise plans allows users to tailor their subscription plans according to their needs as well as budget constraints.

With accurate payments due made easy through harvesting tools, businesses can rest assured they are collecting payments accurately and promptly every time.

  • Looking for reliable and easy-to-use time-tracking software? Look no further than Harvest! This intuitive and affordable platform offers users more than just billable hours – it helps them keep track of their business finances as well.
  • The free version of Harvest is perfect for individuals, while the paid version allows up to two projects at $12 per month or $24 per year. With its integration capabilities, Harvest is ideal for businesses of all sizes.
  • You can use this software to manage your own business or as a handy resource for your contractor/employees.
  • The average hourly rate for this platform starts at free but increases to USD$12 per month or USD$24 per year when using the paid plan.
  • Founded in 2006, Harvest has quickly become one of the most popular time-tracking platforms on the market today thanks to its ease of use and affordability.
  • Whether you’re an individual looking to stay organized or a business with multiple employees, Harvest is definitely worth investigating!

When choosing a virtual accounting firm for their business, it is important for entrepreneurs to consider factors such as pricing, features, ease of use, and integrations. Companies should also evaluate the scalability of the firm and its robustness in terms of backend capabilities.

They should assess if the free plan is sufficient or if they require a paid subscription plan which offers more features. It is also beneficial to look at customer reviews and ratings when selecting a virtual accounting firm as this gives insights into how reliable and user-friendly the platform is.

8. FreeAgent

FreeAgent is a popular accounting software that is free for users with accounts in select banks in the UK.

image represents freeagent as one of the Top 8 Virtual Accounting Firms For SAAS Startups Based In USA

It offers a range of features, such as invoices and expenses, Self Assessment tax returns, payroll, and VAT filing. FreeAgent stands out from the competition due to its range of editing tools, file-sharing capabilities, and collaboration features.

As a result, it has been ranked number one in its industry and is seen as one of the best Quilbot alternatives available.

FreeAgent offers a range of services that are beneficial to SaaS startups, such as access to their software from anywhere, via mobile devices or modern browsers. They also provide maintenance and backup services, so startups don’t have to worry about any downtime or data loss.

Additionally, FreeAgent provides customers with years of experience and expert guidance compressed into complex case studies which can be read for free. Lastly, Spdload is an experienced development team that specializes in building future-ready SaaS startups and is available for any additional technical support needs.

Freeagent is included among the best Quilbot alternatives because it offers a free trial, tutorials and support, and online resources. These features provide users with access to a comprehensive accounting solution without having to commit to purchasing first. In addition, Freeagent is easy-to-use and highly automated, helping users save time on such tasks as journaling and reconciling statements.

There is no pricing information available regarding how much FreeAgent costs. However, users can take advantage of a free trial to explore its features firsthand before making a decision.

Choosing the right virtual accounting firm for one’s business is an important decision, as it can have a major impact on operations and success. The right virtual accounting firm should be able to assist with a wide array of tasks related to financial management, such as invoicing, budgeting, taxes, payroll processing, and bookkeeping.

Additionally, potential customers should consider factors such as user-friendliness and security when making their selection. It is also helpful to research firms that have been endorsed by other businesses or featured in publications like The Guardian or Forbes. A comprehensive comparison of top virtual accounting firms can help startups find the best option for their specific needs.

How to evaluate and select the right fit for your company’s needs?

1. Range of services

Virtual accounting firms offer a variety of services, such as bookkeeping, tax preparation, and auditing. These services are designed to help businesses manage their finances more efficiently and accurately. Bookkeeping services include keeping track of financial transactions, preparing financial statements, and providing analysis of data.

Tax preparation involves filing taxes on time and correctly so that businesses avoid penalties or extra fees associated with late filings. Auditing is the process of verifying the accuracy of financial statements prepared by a company or individual for reviewing purposes.

2. User experience

A virtual accounting firm is an online service provider that helps companies manage their finances and taxes more efficiently. A virtual accounting business offers a range of services, including bookkeeping, tax consulting, and revenue recognition. By utilizing these services, businesses can streamline their financial processes and make better-informed decisions when it comes to budgeting, taxation planning, and more.

Virtual accounting firms are ideal for startups or small businesses as they offer flexible platforms with customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each company. Additionally, many virtual accounting firms have success stories from other clients which can be beneficial in guiding new customers on how to best set up their own businesses.

3. Data security

Data security is an important factor to consider when selecting virtual accounting firms. With the potential of customer information being stored remotely, it is necessary to ensure that the data remains secure and protected from unauthorized access.

Data security can be achieved by either using software vendors’ servers and storage or combining cloud-based storage with on-site servers. It is important to consider the needs of clients when making this decision in order to ensure that their data remains safe and secure at all times.

4. Compatibility

When trying to decide if virtual accounting firms are the right fit for a company, it is important to consider factors such as the company’s size and needs, budget constraints, the preferred method of communication, and reviews from other customers. It is also important to compare prices between different virtual accounting firms in order to find the most cost-effective solution for your business.

Additionally, researching each firm’s website can provide valuable insight into their services and how they may best match your company’s needs.

5. Automation features

Virtual accounting firms are a good option for companies because they provide cost-effective ways to manage business finances, offer a variety of services such as bookkeeping and tax preparation, allow for online appointments and real-time reporting, and provide companies with the security of knowing their finances are safe.

Furthermore, virtual accounting firms offer features such as credit scoring and other services that can help small businesses with a range of financial tasks.

6. Cost-effectiveness

Virtual accounting firms are cost-effective because they offer a range of services at a lower price than traditional accounting firms. Additionally, these services are often more accessible and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, saving businesses on the cost of in-person meetings.

Furthermore, virtual accounting firms provide innovative approaches to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as well as cloud-based software that makes financial data management more efficient. This can help small businesses save money while also benefiting from transparency and accountability provided by virtual accounting firms.

7. Customer service

Customer service is an important factor to consider when choosing a virtual accounting firm. Virtual accounting firms should be able to provide comprehensive and reliable customer service that meets the needs of their clients. Good customer service can help business owners quickly and easily access the support they need for tasks such as tax compliance, financial management, and accounts receivable software.

Additionally, reliable customer service ensures that any questions or issues can be addressed in a timely manner so businesses don’t have to worry about long wait times or slow responses from their virtual accountant.

8. Reporting capabilities

Reporting capabilities are important when evaluating and selecting a virtual accounting firm because they provide users with an easy way to track performance metrics, identify trends and make informed decisions.

Reporting capabilities also allow for the smooth handling of taxes, centralized data storage, and comprehensive financial management services. With these capabilities, users can gain insight into their business finances and taxes in a more efficient manner.

9. Accessibility

Accessibility is an important factor to consider when selecting virtual accounting firms because it allows business owners the flexibility and convenience of managing their finances from anywhere in the world.

Business owners need convenient access to their virtual accounting firms so that they can keep track of their finances, even if they are unable to be physically present at all times. Accommodating individuals with disabilities is also important since it enables them to use the services offered by virtual accounting firms.

10. Integration capabilities

When choosing virtual accounting firms, it is important to consider their integration capabilities. This is because these firms can provide comprehensive financial services and real-time reporting of performance metrics, as well as tax compliance that can be handled smoothly thanks to the firm’s integration capabilities.

Furthermore, the data repository offered by virtual accounting firms helps business owners identify trends and make informed decisions about their finances.

11. User Feedback

Using virtual accounting firms has many advantages, such as convenience and flexibility. Virtual accounting firms are able to manage complex accounts remotely, process payments quickly, and switch between different clients easily.

Additionally, virtual accounting firms often have lower overhead costs than traditional ones. However, there are also some potential downsides to using virtual accounting firms such as the possibility of fraud and not having access to expert advice. It is important for businesses to carefully weigh their options when selecting virtual accounting firms in order to find the best fit for their needs.

12. Cloud-based capabilities

Virtual accounting firms are a good option for companies because they offer cost-effective bookkeeping services that can save time and money. They provide a simplified solution that eliminates the need to hire internal staff or outsource to traditional bookkeeping agencies.

Additionally, virtual accounting firms are accountable and helpful, making them a reliable choice for businesses. With the range of services they offer such as bookkeeping, tax preparation, revenue recognition, and financial consulting, virtual accounting firms provide comprehensive tools for businesses of all sizes.

13. Scalability

Scalability is an important consideration when choosing virtual accounting firms because it allows the business to grow rapidly as its needs change. With scalability, the firm can adjust its services and operations accordingly without having to invest in additional resources or personnel.

Additionally, scalability ensures that the accounting solutions provided by the firm are suitable for businesses of all sizes, as they can easily be adapted and upgraded when needed.

14. Flexibility

Flexibility is an important factor to consider when selecting virtual accounting firms because it allows the company to adapt quickly and easily to changes in the business. It also allows for easy communication between the development and operations teams, reducing the need for expensive human resources or office space.

Furthermore, virtual accounting businesses offer a wide range of services such as bookkeeping, taxes, and financial consulting that can be customized to fit individual needs. Having a good relationship with your virtual accountant is also key in order to getting the most out of their services.

15. Compliance features

SaaS startups based in the USA can find reliable virtual accounting firms for their compliance needs by comparing 15 options. These firms offer a range of services, from financial statement audits to tax preparation services. Each company has years of industry experience, ensuring high-quality service and individualized attention.

Some firms also provide broader capabilities than others, allowing customers to choose the provider that best meets their specific requirements. With this comprehensive list of options available, SaaS startups can easily find the right virtual accounting partner for their business.

16. Support for tax credits

The use of virtual accounting firms can provide businesses with numerous benefits, such as increased efficiency, decreased costs, and improved communication between team members. Virtual accounting firms offer services that reduce overhead costs and provide more accurate bookkeeping systems.

Additionally, these firms enable businesses to dedicate more time to their core operations by taking care of all the accounting-related tasks for them. Furthermore, virtual accounting firms can help business owners keep track of their finances and tax liabilities in a timely manner.

17. Ecosystem of partners

It is essential for businesses to consider a company’s ecosystem when selecting the right fit for their needs. By researching a company’s ecosystem, businesses can gain an understanding of factors such as its employees and partners, technology, customer service, financing options, and competitors.

This allows them to identify the best possible virtual accounting solution or business partner that meets their particular needs and goals. Moreover, researching a company’s ecosystem helps ensure that the selected option is reliable and will work in tandem with its existing business structure.

18. Online invoicing

Using virtual accounting firms can offer many benefits for businesses, such as increased accountability and oversight, improved communication between departments, faster execution times, and reduced paperwork. Additionally, virtual bookkeeping services can help save money on accounting costs by providing a 40% saving compared to traditional bookkeeping.

Furthermore, the streamlined process of using virtual accounting firms can provide quick turnaround times and improved efficiency, allowing businesses to focus on other aspects of their operations.

19. Financial Intelligence

Virtual accounting firms provide businesses with financial intelligence by offering services such as bookkeeping, revenue recognition, bank reconciliation, and financial intelligence consulting. These firms help businesses manage their finances more efficiently by tracking expenses and income, reconciling bank accounts, managing customer relationships, performing a full range of remote bookkeeping tasks, and providing data analysis and reporting.

As SaaS startups based in the USA are increasingly turning to virtual accounting for cost-effective management of their finances, there are a variety of virtual accounting firms available to choose from – such as Xendoo vs Bench vs Work & Industry vs Bookkeeping Companies & More – each offering its own set of features. To find the most suitable firm for your business needs it is recommended to look for those that have been featured or recommended by others in the industry.

20. Financial consolidation

When selecting an accounting firm, it is important to consider financial consolidation in order to ensure the stability and accuracy of the company’s financial situation. Financial consolidation allows for a more accurate assessment of the company’s finances and can help save money in taxes by providing a better understanding of their finances.

By comparing different accounting firms, businesses can find the one that offers the services they need most while ensuring their money is well managed.


What accounting software do these firms use?

The significance of accounting software for businesses is that it helps them keep track of their finances, optimize their financial performance, and make better decisions.

Accounting software also simplifies the process of auditing and managing transactions. It is important for businesses to choose an accounting software solution that meets their specific needs in order to be effective. With the many different options available in 2022, businesses can find the right accounting software for them.

What are the fees for these firms?

The cost of services from online accounting firms varies depending on the services requested and the type of billing method chosen. Many firms charge a fixed monthly rate for their services, while some may offer pay-for-performance billing or additional charges for tax filing and payroll services.

It is important to compare different online accounting firms to ensure that clients receive the best value for their money in terms of quality, convenience, and price.

What are the locations of these firms?

It is important to know the locations of the firms mentioned in the book because it allows readers to learn from their successes and mistakes. By understanding how different firms are operating in various countries, readers can get an overview of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to content marketing.

Additionally, knowing which countries these firms are located in will provide insight into how they can modify their strategies depending on local laws, regulations, and culture within each region. This knowledge could be invaluable for SaaS startups based in the USA as they look for virtual accounting firms. As such, comparing Xendoo vs Bench versus Work & Industry or other bookkeeping companies becomes easier with a better understanding of where each firm is located.

What is the average experience of the employees of these firms?

The author’s experience with the companies they have worked for has been generally poor.

What are the specialties of these firms?

The book includes NetSuite, QuickBooks Professional Services Marketing Agencies, e-Commerce Consulting Firms, Managed IT Services Firms, SaaS Companies, Funded Startups, Government Contractors, Non-Profit Organizations and Specialized Inventory Needs Healthcare Tech & Medical Practices.

Each of these firms specializes in different services such as bookkeeping, accounting services auditing, and tax planning. Furthermore, they offer pay-for-performance services to businesses that can be accessed from any location.

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