image represents top 5 OnlyFans payroll & Tax Companies

Top 5 OnlyFans payroll & tax companies

OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform that allows users to pay for access to content from a variety of creators. It has become increasingly popular in recent years with over 50 million people using it and more than one million content creators. This makes it an important platform for businesses, particularly those that offer adult entertainment services.

As such, it is essential for these businesses to be aware of their obligations when it comes to taxes, such as registering with HMRC and submitting tax returns. An accountant can provide invaluable assistance in this regard by helping businesses keep accurate records of their income and expenses in order to reduce their tax burden.

Additionally, the platform also offers certain deductions and write-offs that can help further reduce the business’s overall tax liability. Therefore, having an understanding of accounting principles when working with OnlyFans is paramount for any business owner operating on the platform.

Top 5 OnlyFans payroll & tax companies

There are a number of OnlyFans payroll and tax companies available in the market but the top 5 are given below.


No Payroll & Tax Companies
1 Scot Tax Specialists
2 Global FPO
4 Colonial Tax Relief
5 Tax angel & Associates


1. Scott tax specialist

Scott tax Specialist is a well-known, respected, and well-regarded OnlyFans payroll and tax company.

image represents scot tax specialist as one of the top 5 onlyfans payroll and tax companies

Scott specializes in providing content creators on OnlyFans with valuable information in order to maximize their write-offs, deductions, and other benefits.

Scott’s tax specialist is devoted to helping content creators take advantage of the opportunities that are available to them financially, and he is happy to help content creators discover these opportunities.

Scott tax specialists have so many experienced tax professionals and they are dedicated to making the OnlyFans tax preparation process as easy and stress-free as possible.

To help content creators make the most of their earnings, Scott Tax Specialists, along with providing payroll and tax services, also provides financial planning and consulting services to help content creators maximize their income.

Additional Services Offered By Scott Tax Specialists:

  • LLC Taxation
  • Quarterly Estimated Taxes
  • Private Equity Fund Accounting & Taxation
  • Payroll & HR Outsourcing
  • Tax Settlement – Offer in
  • Equity Tax Strategy
  • ITIN Number
  • CPA Letter for Apartment Rental or Home Purchase and more.

If you would like to read the Ultimate Guide to taxes for Onlyfans, click here to read now.


2. Global FPO

Global FPO is a full-service Payroll and Tax agency that specializes in helping OnlyFans content creators maximize their write-offs and deductions.

image represents global fpoas one of the top 5 onlyfans payroll and tax companies

In addition to providing traditional tax and accounting services, Global FPO also offers a number of unique services that are designed specifically for content creators, including tax consulting and OnlyFans management.

Services that Global FPO provides include:

  • Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Tax USA
  • Tax Canada
  • Financial
  • Payroll and Data entry Services.

Global FPO supports more than 500 clients worldwide, coming from a variety of industries, in addition to managing corporate operations and bolstering financials. In addition to our team of very talented, experienced, and committed individuals, Global FPO also offers technology-driven solutions that help Global FPO improve the outcome of your company value.

Global FPO is serving more than 500 clients hailing from 36 different industries including the entertainment industry across the world.

3. WLS

WLS is a tax company that specializes in providing payroll and tax services to OnlyFans content creators.

image represents wls as one of the top 5 onlyfans payroll and tax companies

The company has a team of experienced tax specialists who are familiar with the tax laws and regulations surrounding OnlyFans content creators.

They can help you with:

  • Payroll
  • tax write-offs.
  • deductions.
  • Other financial matters.

MGR can help content creators who earn money through OnlyFans by providing payroll and tax services that ensure they fulfill their legal obligations within the timeframe set out by OnlyFans.

This includes helping them with filing taxes and complying with OnlyFans’ terms and conditions. An accountant can also assist in ensuring that the account is never suspended due to missed deadlines or other issues related to compliance with financial regulations.

Other Services WLS Offer:


4. Colonial Tax Relief

Colonial Tax Relief offers a wide range of tax and payroll services to OnlyFans content creators- from managing your tax affairs for you to providing complete payroll solutions.

image represents colonial tax relief as one of the top 5 onlyfans payroll and tax companies

The company is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This ensures that the services it provides are high-quality and compliant with all current regulatory requirements.

The company has a proven track record of providing high-quality services to businesses. It has served thousands of customers over the years with its reliable and efficient service.

The company offers a customer satisfaction guarantee. This ensures that its customers are happy with the service they receive.

In addition, it provides free advice and support to its customers. This ensures that customers have access to the information they need to make informed decisions about their tax and payroll needs.

The above factors make Colonial Tax Relief one of the top OnlyFans payroll and tax companies in the market today.

5. Tax Angel & Associates

Tax Angel & Associates is one of the top OnlyFans payroll and tax companies because they provide excellent customer service.

image represents tax angel & associates as one of the top 5 onlyfans payroll and tax companies

They go above and beyond to provide customized payroll, tax, and financial services for OnlyFans members.

Tax Angel & Associates has a wide range of payroll and tax services that are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple payroll package or a more advanced financial plan, Tax Angel & Associates has the solution for you.

Their Guaranteed Payroll Deduction provides OnlyFans members with a secure and reliable platform to save money and time on their income tax in a hassle-free manner.

Tax Angel & Associates is one of the few companies that offer all these benefits to OnlyFans members, making it one of the best payroll and tax companies out there.


Payroll & tax companies offer a variety of payroll and tax services. You can hire them as an employer or employee to manage your payroll, taxes, and other financial obligations related to employment.


No Benefits
1 Payroll & tax companies can be beneficial partners for small businesses and individuals.
2 They offer a wide range of services that can help businesses and individuals manage their payroll and tax needs efficiently.
3 These services can include managing employees’ W-2s, filing federal and state tax returns, payroll processing and tracking, etc.
4 They also provide affordable solutions with excellent customer service and support.
5 Some of the benefits of hiring a payroll & tax company include budgeting for your business with certainty, enhanced efficiency, reduced errors in transactions, and optimized performance.
6 Overall, these companies help businesses save time and money by providing reliable and efficient services.

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