image represents Top 5 Early Stage Startups 2023

Top 5 Early Stage Startups 2023

The challenge with early-stage venture companies is that they are new and have a limited customer base. In 2023, it will be increasingly more difficult to scale a startup and get outside funding.

That’s why it’s crucial for early-stage companies to seek out ways to grow their business right now. Here are five startups that aim to do exactly that in the year 2023:

  • Parallel Health 👨‍⚕️

image represents parallel health as one of the Top 5 Early Stage Startups 2023

Location Category Funding Website AI-Based?
San Francisco, California Health/Skincare  $2 million  https://www.parallelhealth.io/ No

Parallel Health is a skincare startup based in San Francisco, California. The company provides personalized, science-backed skincare solutions to support the skin’s microbiome.

The microbiome plays an important role in the health and well-being of people. It consists of the genetic material and microorganisms that live within and on the body.

Parallel Health has received pre-seed funding of $2 million from investors such as Rhythm VC and Illumina Accelerator. It aims to relieve skin issues such as acne and rosacea

Through personalized skincare products and services, it aims to help customers achieve healthier and brighter skin.


In addition to offering customized, scientifically supported skincare products, the company is dedicated to offering treatments for common skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and more. These products work to support each client’s unique biology, as well as treat the signs of their unique condition.

Parallel Health was founded by a team of experienced business professionals with a passion for health and wellness. They believe in providing safe and effective solutions for customers’ skincare needs.

  • Linguix ✒️

image represents linguix as one of the Top 5 Early Stage Startups 2023

Location Category Funding Website AI-Based?
Miami, Florida Grammar Checker  $1 million  https://linguix.com/ Yes

Linguix is an AI-based writing assistant startup based in Miami, Florida. Founded in 2023, the startup has received pre-seed funding of $1 million from Flyer One Ventures.

The Linguix platform enables users to correct writing mistakes in real-time and improve their writing skills.

The platform has various features such as grammar checking, spelling correction, and capitalization guidance. The startup’s flagship product is a browser extension that can identify errors in text entry forms on web-based platforms.

Linguix has developed a number of learning products and services for students, educators, and parents. These include writing trackers, writing assessments, and e-mentoring.

It also offers customizable writing exercises and private tutors for students of all ages. In addition to this, Linguix offers custom e-learning solutions for companies and governments around the globe.

The startup is gaining traction in the EdTech industry and is worth keeping an eye on in the coming years.


  • Green Places 🌱

image represents greenplaces as one of the Top 5 Early Stage Startups 2023

Location Category Funding Website AI-Based?
Raleigh, NC Corporate Undisclosed https://greenplaces.com/ No

Green Places, a small business sustainability consulting firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina, offers a wide range of services aimed at helping owners of small businesses achieve their sustainability goals through a wide range of sustainable options. 

As a result of Green Places, small businesses are able to pool their resources to purchase carbon credits, and they are able to calculate the carbon footprint of their business.

The current sustainability standards often make it difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to comply with them. 

By combining the limited resources of Green Places with those of other small businesses in order to have the greatest impact possible, Green Places is able to play a very important role in assisting small businesses to ensure that they meet these legal requirements by combining their limited resources. 

It is also Green Places’ goal to ensure that the company receives all of the credit for its efforts in reducing its carbon footprint and practicing sustainability in the company’s operations, so as to ensure that the company gets the credit it deserves.

  • Tangibly 🗝️

image represents tangibly as one of the Top 5 Early Stage Startups 2023

Location Category Funding Website AI-Based?
Seattle Security Undisclosed https://www.tangibly.com/ No

Tangibly, a Seattle-based platform for managing information, helps business owners protect their trade secrets and intellectual property in a legally enforceable way.

With the increasing prevalence of corporate warfare, cyberattacks, pirating, and other forms of intellectual property theft Tangibly offer business owners a user-friendly way to protect their company trade secrets in a way that is recognized by regulatory bodies responsible for enforcing intellectual property rights.

 As a result of Tangibly’s timely and beneficial services, the company is poised to succeed in the future.

  • Wega Labs 🎮

image represents wega labs as one of the Top 5 Early Stage Startups 2023

Location Category Funding Website AI-Based?
Wilmington, Delaware Gaming Undisclosed  https://www.wegalabs.com/ No

The web3 game production studio Wega Labs specializes in creating web3 games that focus on gameplay and functionality. Wega Labs’ first official cricket strategy game, Cricinshots, tests players’ ability to build an intergalactic team and compete in league play against rivals in a futuristic cricket strategy game.

Those who are willing to go outside the box have virtually limitless growth opportunities in the video game industry. Wega Labs is an innovative video game developer to watch for their innovative transport of a popular traditional sports favorite into a futuristic setting that heightens competitive intensity and piques player interest across a variety of sports genres.


Looking ahead, startups have a lot to gain from experimenting with new business models and tech-enhancing solutions.

The first generation of startup founders is growing up and striving for a sustainable business model that can be replicated by other startups.

Therefore, startup founders of the future must innovate and be ready to experiment with new business models and tech-enhancing solutions.

That way, they can pave a way for a brighter startup future for themselves and generations to come.

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