Top 15 Tax Write-Offs For OnlyFans Creators

Top 15 Tax Write-Offs For OnlyFans Creators

OnlyFans creators must include all revenue received from OnlyFans on their personal income tax return in order to qualify for a personal income tax deduction.

The good news is that because OnlyFans income is regarded as business income, you are also permitted to deduct expenses from this income in order to lower your overall tax burden.

To be deducted, an expense must be proven to be customary, necessary, and reasonable for operating the business in the current year.

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What Are Some Write-Offs And Deductions For Your OnlyFans Business?

People with an OnlyFans business can write off many expenses as tax deductions. These must be “ordinary and necessary” for their business, and they can claim back taxes up to 50% of the item cost.

Common expenses that are eligible for deductions are gym membership, props, lighting and accessories, toys, beauty products and treatments, lingerie, advertising costs, travel costs such as plane tickets or hotel stays for photoshoots or events related to your business; dry cleaning services; photography equipment; etc.

It is important to keep track of receipts and paperwork in order to accurately claim all the applicable expenses.

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Top 15 Tax-Write-Offs for OnlyFans Creators

1. Computer/Laptop 

image represents Computer/Laptop as Top 15 Tax write-offs for OnlyFans creators

In order to edit and post content on OnlyFans, you will need to purchase a new computer or laptop. So you can deduct the cost of a computer or laptop from your tax.

2. Software 

If you are buying professional video editing software for OnlyFans. You might be able to fully deduct the cost of professional video editing software.

image represents Software as Top 15 Tax write-offs for OnlyFans creators

The cost associated with licensing and purchasing software and other media, such as Adobe Creative Suite, stock photos, and music, can be deducted from your taxable income as a business expense. You can derive this deduction when you purchase business-related software.

In the case of electronic items (hard drives, monitors, etc. ), you can deduct all of your expenditures in the event that you have purchased accessories, such as an extra monitor or an external hard drive.

3. Camera and Equipment 

image represents Camera and Equipment as Top 15 Tax write-offs for OnlyFans creators

For the sake of recording OnlyFans content, you have to purchase a new camera along with accessories like illumination. You can also deduct the camera and equipment’s amount from your tax.

4. Business Use of Home Office 

image represents Business Use of Home Office as Top 15 Tax write-offs for OnlyFans creators

The IRS allows you to claim a portion of all expenses related to maintaining your house, including your mortgage interest, property taxes, heat, electricity, insurance, maintenance, and other costs that contribute to maintaining your house if you film inside your home, have a dedicated studio space, and/or edit and upload videos from your home.

5. Video Editor Salary 

image represents Video Editor Salary as Top 15 Tax write-offs for OnlyFans creators

If you pay a video editor to edit your videos, you can deduct that amount from your income.

6. Internet 

image represents Internet as Top 15 Tax write-offs for OnlyFans creators

In order to run your OnlyFans business, you need to have access to the Internet and a working phone. The Internet allows you to communicate with customers, do your marketing and promotions, and create content for your customers.

Additionally, you may choose to have premium Internet services that come with high-quality advanced equipment that allows you to drastically decrease the amount of time it takes you to upload and download files, as well as make sure that your Internet connection is stronger and more reliable.

Based on the proportion you use to operate your OnlyFans business, you can subtract the charges you pay to your internet service provider (ISP).

7. Office Expenses 

image represents Office Expenses as Top 15 Tax write-offs for OnlyFans creators

You can write off any costs incurred when managing the commercial aspect of your OnlyFans page if you use pens, printer paper, or toner.

8. Cell Phone Expenses 

image represents Cell Phone Expenses as Top 15 Tax write-offs for OnlyFans creators

In addition, you can deduct a portion of the cell phone bill for your OnlyFans business at a percentage of the cost. As for your phone fees, whether you use a landline or cell phone, the costs associated with maintaining them and paying their service subscriptions can be written off. They are simply the cost of doing business as an online content creator.

9. Data Storage & Subscriptions 

image represents Data Storage as Top 15 Tax write-offs for OnlyFans creators

In addition, any ongoing subscriptions relevant to your OnlyFans channel, such as royalty-free music licensing subscriptions, are also deductible when spent for the purpose of storing video material. These include purchases of external hard drives or cloud storage subscriptions.

10. Professional Fees ️

image represents Professional Fees as Top 15 Tax write-offs for OnlyFans creators

OnlyFans business owners are eligible for a deduction in respect of the fees they pay to experts they hire as part of their OnlyFans business, such as a consultant to help them get started or a CPA to handle their taxes in the course of their OnlyFans business.

11. Rent 

image represents Rent as Top 15 Tax write-offs for OnlyFans creators

If you rent a home or apartment, you may be able to deduct a portion of your rent from your taxes.

12. Travel 

image represents Travel as Top 15 Tax write-offs for OnlyFans creators

Travel costs can be deducted not only when you take trips to promote, market, or conduct your business, but also when you take trips to promote, market, and conduct your business.

In addition to hotels, taxis, rental cars, airline tickets, meals, etc., you can deduct any travel-related costs that are associated with conducting your business.

Travel expenses related to creating OnlyFans content, such as flights and hotel rooms, may be deducted from your taxable income if they are incurred for this purpose.

13. Makeup and Beauty Products 

image represents Makeup and Beauty Products as Top 15 Tax write-offs for OnlyFans creators

If you use the products only for preparing yourself for your OnlyFans content, you may be able to deduct the entire cost.

14. OnlyFans Transaction Fees 

image represents Transaction Fees as Top 15 Tax write-offs for OnlyFans creators

It is important to keep in mind that the fees that OnlyFans deducts from your earnings are tax deductible in the form of deductions against gross earnings.

15. Gym Membership And Personal Training ‍

image represents Gym Membership and Personal Training as Top 15 Tax write-offs for OnlyFans creators

If working out plays a significant role in maintaining your brand and business image for OnlyFans, you may be eligible for a tax deduction on a portion of your gym membership.

Requirements for Documentation

Keep all receipts, invoices, and other relevant records of your expenses so that you can deduct them from your OnlyFans income. Be prepared to submit the necessary documentation if your tax authorities request proof of those expenses.

Need Help With Your Taxes?

The top 15 tax write-offs for OnlyFans online creators can help you significantly reduce your tax burden. Moreover, by documenting your business expenses on a daily to weekly basis, you may realize that your business expenses are greater than you thought and that you have more business expenses than you thought because now you’re recording all your business expenses.

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