“The sales tax for businesses in Oregon is 0%”

What Does The Oregon Sales Tax For Businesses Mean?

There is no general sales or use/transaction tax in Oregon.

However, Oregon imposes a vehicle use tax on new vehicles purchased from outside the state. Before the car may be titled and registered in Oregon, the tax must be paid.

There is no sales tax exemption certificate in Oregon.

If you’re an Oregon resident who works or shops in a state that has a sales tax and want to learn more about that state’s nonresident sales tax policy, contact that state’s taxation department.

You cannot minimize your Oregon taxes because you paid sales taxes in another state, according to Oregon law.

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How Much Is The Sales Tax For Ecommerce Businesses In Oregon?

There is no statewide sales tax levied in Oregon. 

Corporations that are not doing business in Oregon or are not permitted to do business in Oregon but have income from the state must pay income tax. Oregon taxable income of less than $1 million is taxed at 6.6 percent, and Oregon taxable income of more than $1 million is taxed at 7.6 percent. There is a $150 minimum excise tax.

The Wayfair Decision and Online Sales Tax

The United States Supreme Court found that if a taxpayer is selling to state residents and there is a sufficient link between the taxpayer and the state, the state can collect sales tax from them. For example, a corporation must collect sales tax for online retail sales in South Dakota if:

  • The firm’s gross revenues are in excess of $100,000, or
  • More than 200 deals were completed in South Dakota by the company.

Many additional states are formalizing instructions on collecting sales tax on online sales through legislation and regulations.

Impact on People Shopping Online

Because Oregon does not have a general sales tax, the Wayfair ruling has no bearing on Oregonians who buy products or services online.

Oregonians who buy products or services online don’t have to pay sales tax to another state in most cases, but there are exceptions for other taxes. When booking airline tickets online, for example, you will be charged federal taxes, and you may also be charged state and local taxes on your hotel or rental car.

Impact On Ecommerce Businesses

The Wayfair judgment has an impact on Oregon firms that sell products online to customers in states that require online merchants to collect sales tax, such as South Dakota. If they meet the standards, these Oregon businesses will be required to collect and pay sales taxes to the sales tax states.

If you’re an Oregon online retailer with customers in a state that collects sales tax, we recommend contacting the state directly or seeking legal advice on how to go about collecting and remitting sales taxes to states that require you to collect sales tax online sales to consumers in their state.

Are There Any Sales Tax Filing Requirements for Businesses In Oregon

On sales of $1 million or more within Oregon, businesses must pay a 0.57 percent tax. Grocery stores, gas stations, hospitals, and long-term care facilities would be exempt from the law. Taxable sales might be reduced by 35 percent if a company’s labor or capital costs are deducted.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, the tax rate in Oregon in 2022 will be 0%. However, if you require assistance with business sales tax in other US states, please contact us. At FreeCashFlow.io, we specialize in assisting online and eCommerce businesses with their accounting needs.

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