How To Make Money On OnlyFans Without Showing Face?

Many adult content creators like you want to have an OnlyFans account and make huge sums of money. However, the fear of being questioned by family and society due to the stigma attached to sex work holds you back from leveraging OnlyFans.

It’s a nightmare to have one of your family members find your OnlyFans adult content page. Right? Here’s good news for you. You can make boatloads of money on OnlyFans without disclosing your true identity to your fans.

OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform that may have gained popularity due to sex workers selling explicit content during the pandemic. However, it has creators from every niche from food, and fitness, to body parts and cooking.

You can choose a niche that defines you best, create exciting content for your target audience, and earn money without actually showing your true identity.

Yes, there are many creators from various niches like you who are making money via OnlyFans anonymously. Don’t how to start as an anonymous OnlyFans creator? Do you want to know how to make money on OnlyFans without showing face?

Don’t worry as in this article we will let you know everything from how to stay anonymous on OnlyFans to ways in which you can promote your OnlyFans account anonymously and make money.

Can You Do OnlyFans Anonymously?

Don’t get disappointed by looking at other OnlyFans creators who are revealing their true selves, selling sexually explicit content, and wooing fans to pay them.

You may be containing yourself with the thought that it’s difficult to create quality content on OnlyFans without showing your face and feel compelled to reveal your identity. But that’s not true.

Also, since the majority of OnlyFans creators are selling adult content, the platform is presumed to be one solely for adult content creators.

But the truth is there are several content creators from various niches selling quality content and earning large sums of money via OnlyFans.

For instance, several creators are making a lot of money creating feet content, without showing their faces. But the question is how can you stay anonymous and still make money on OnlyFans?

Here’s how you can be anonymous on OnlyFans and still make a lot of money.

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1. Don’t Feel Compelled To Show Your Face

The first thing to get successful on OnlyFans anonymously is to not feel obligated to reveal your face on OnlyFans. A lot of you might think that fans can relate to faces easily and are inclined to follow adult content creators who show their bare bodies with sexually inviting facial expressions.

However, you must understand there are so many adult content creators doing the same thing – going nude, strip teasing, getting clicked in sexy lingerie, and doing sexual activities to stimulate their fans.

Despite revealing their faces and performing sexual activities, many are not able to build a fanbase and amplify their earnings. Many creators think being successful on OnlyFans is simply about having a beautiful face, showing body parts, and helping people masturbate.

But it’s not as easy as it seems. What makes some content creators stand out is how creatively they hook audiences to their content and create value for them.

If your audience gets value for their money, they will come back to you for more. Thus, what content you create, how creative are your ideas, how you brand yourself, and how well you market your content via social media are a few of the factors that distinguish you from a pool of average creators.

So, the next time you feel compelled to reveal your face if you create cooking or feet content, just keep in mind that revealing your face is secondary and doesn’t help much if your content is not solving a need.

2. Use A Stage Name

The second thing to go anonymous on OnlyFans is to have a fake or stage name for your account. There’s no need to disclose your real name to your fans as they follow you for the value you create via your content.

But, there are a few caveats you need to observe while choosing a stage name for your OnlyFans account.

First, make sure your stage name matches the type of creator you are and the content you distribute. For instance, if you are a feet content creator who is a dominatrix, names like ‘Feet Goddess’, ‘Feet Bosslady’, etc. could be great choices. Here’s a screenshot displaying the stage name of one of the well-known Feet content creators.

How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face on OnlyFans?


It’s very important to have a stage name matching your identity. This is because it’s easy for your target audience to relate to you and your content.

Choosing a stage name that matches your identity helps them know what they can expect from you if they happen to subscribe to your OnlyFans account.

Additionally, make sure you are maintaining consistency with your account names across various platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit so that it’s easy for your fans to follow you there.

3. Use Your Real Name In Tax Forms

Many creators think that going anonymous on OnlyFans means getting verified with OnlyFans with a false identity. Using a fake stage identity for your OnlyFans account is different from disclosing your true identity with the OnlyFans platform to be registered as a verified user.

OnlyFans requires you to get verified as a content creator for your account to be up and running. As part of verification, you are required to submit your government-issued identity card and link your social profiles, and your bank account with your OnlyFans account.

This verification is mandatory and takes 24-48 hours for approval. All the personal information you disclose to get your OnlyFans account verified is kept secret between you and OnlyFans and is not available for public access. Therefore, there’s no chance that the public would get to know your true identity. You can be anonymous on OnlyFans and still make loads of money.

That being said, don’t even think of submitting fake documents with OnlyFans for verification as your account approval request would be outrightly rejected.

4. Don’t Compromise On Your Details

a. Use Backgrounds Carefully

Be very careful about the backgrounds you use while shooting for your content. You may end up shooting at a location in your home or outdoors which, although would serve as a beautiful background for your photos and videos, may reveal so much about you.

Your fans may get a few hints about who you can be and may want to connect the dots to figure out who you truly are, compromising your very purpose of being anonymous on OnlyFans.

Choose a background that highlights no specific area of your house or location you put up to conceal your true identity from fans. Additionally, make sure the background adds to the beauty of the photo/video instead of ruining it by being too dull or monotonous.

Also, be consistent when using backgrounds across photos and videos for people to relate to you each time they see a piece of content with that backdrop. See the below screenshot to get an idea about the kind of backgrounds you can use to maintain anonymity. Using grass as the backdrop serves two purposes: using such a generic background leaves no scope for fans to get even the slightest hint about your identity. Moreover, using this backdrop consistently across your posts creates a brand identity and makes it easy for fans to distinguish your content from other creators.

How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face on OnlyFans?

b. Switching Between Using Lower And Upper Half Face

Much like the background, many creators switch between showing their upper and lower half faces. While they may post some content revealing the lower half of their faces, they may post some other content revealing the upper half.

Switching between using the lower and upper half of the faces can compromise your anonymity. This is because it can give ample opportunity to fans to know your true identity as they may want to digitally put together photos showing your upper half face and lower half face and know who you indeed are.

Never underestimate the public who engages on social media platforms. This may sound creepy but they have enough time and curiosity to put pieces together and know the faces behind these anonymous OnlyFans creators. Therefore, be consistent and reveal one side of your face to maintain anonymity.

How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face on OnlyFans?

c. Be Wary Of Your Birth Marks And Body Tattoos

If you have tattoos, birthmarks, or scars on any part of your body, make sure you get rid of them or come up with ways of hiding them.

Showing your body tattoos in the photos and videos would mean giving enough opportunity to your fans to guess your true identity.

Also, people who may know you closely can easily make out that you are the adult content creator behind your OnlyFans account.

If it’s difficult to hide such marks or tattoos, you can take the help of photo editing tools to remove them before you upload them on your OnlyFans account. Some of the photo editing apps that you can use are as follows:

  • Canva
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Pixlr
  • Photo Director
  • Promeo

How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face on OnlyFans?

5. Second Check Your Content Before Posting/Sending

Another important thing to keep in mind is to double-check your content before you press ‘Upload’. You have to be a little cautious when posting/sending your content because a single error can go a long way in revealing your true identity and ruining all your hard work to conceal your identity.

Make sure you are not uploading anything that makes it pretty obvious for people to identify the face behind your stage identity. As mentioned earlier, it’s a mistake to take fans for granted and be casual about posting your content.

6. Make Use Of Voice Changer

Another thing that can help you be an anonymous OnlyFans creator is a voice changer app. These applications alter your voice, giving you the comfort of creating Safe for Work (SFW) and Not Safe for Work (NSFW) content hassle-free.

You can focus on creating quality content for your target audience without worrying about revealing your true identity to them. There are a number voice changing applications both for Android and iOS users that can help you to be an anonymous OnlyFans creator. Some of the best voice-changing applications you can choose from include:

  • Best Voice Changer – iOS and Android
  • Voice Changer With Effects – iOS and Android
  • Voice Changer Plus – iOS and Android
  • Super Voice Changer – Android
  • Magic Call – iOS

7. Use Props To Hide Your Identity

Many anonymous OnlyFans creators are very creative in using props to hide their real identities behind face masks, hoodies, eye masks, sunglasses, stuffed animals, caps, etc. It’s a great way to distinguish yourself from a pool of content creators, create a brand identity, and hide your true self at the same time. Make sure you are using props that go with your niche and the type of content you create.

For instance, some adult content creators hide themselves behind attractive party masks and add sensuality to their content. Still others use smart camera angles that focus only on the things they want to reveal – specific body parts, some parts of their faces, etc. You may have your back facing the camera or your face covered with hair.

8. Use Geo-Blocking

As an adult content creator, you would never want anyone out of your family and friends to see your OnlyFans page. The thought of it frightens you and you don’t want to take any chances.

OnlyFans allows you to block audiences based on geo-location and IP addresses. Thus, you can block people residing in specific locations/ countries from having access to your OnlyFans account.

However, if they are using a VPN, they would be able to see your OnlyFans page despite you blocking that location.

Likewise, OnlyFans also allows you to block IP addresses from seeing your OnlyFans page. To block people based on geo-location on OnlyFans:

1. Go to ‘Settings’ on your OnlyFans account

2. Click the ‘Privacy and Safety’ tab

3. Scroll down to the Safety Section

4. Locate the ‘Block by Country’ and ‘Block by IP Address’ options

5. Choose the option you want to go for and block a specific audience from accessing your OnlyFans page.

How To Make Money On OnlyFans Without Showing Face?

Now that you know how to go anonymous on OnlyFans, let’s discuss the strategies to promote and make money via your anonymous OnlyFans account.

1. Choose A Niche That Makes Money

The first thing to promote your anonymous OnlyFans account successfully is to choose a profitable niche around which you’ll create content.

Choose a niche that best defines your talent and the one in which you can create valuable content for your target audience.

For instance, if you are a person who knows the nuances of being a cam girl, has creative ideas to hook the audiences via sexual activities, can intrigue them with your ideas, help them live their fantasies, and enjoy what you do, you can certainly choose to be an adult content creator on OnlyFans.

Likewise, if you are a fitness freak, have an incredibly fit body, and have achieved fitness goals for yourself, you can be a creator who sells fitness content on OnlyFans.

Accordingly, there are several niches that you can choose from, set up your OnlyFans account, and start earning large sums of money on OnlyFans. Some of the profitable niches on OnlyFans include:

  • Adult Content
  • Feet Fetish Content
  • Cosplay/Roleplay
  • Food and Culinary
  • Travel
  • Fitness and Wellness
  • Technology and Gadgets
  • Fashion and Lifestyle
  • BDSM
  • Makeup and Beauty
  • Photography
  • Nude Art
  • Music
  • Lingerie Modeling
  • Swingers

2. Build Your Brand

This is where you have to think about how are you going to position yourself in the minds of your target audience. Sit with a pen and paper and write down everything about the stage personality you want to portray to your fans.

Your brand identity will emerge from your skillsets, the type of content you want to create, the niche you want to cater to, and the creative ideas of positioning yourself as compared to your competition. You could be:

  • a woman with a fuller body who wants to leverage that
  • one who wants to create adult content without showing your face
  • creative in using paraphernalia like lingerie, toys, vibrators, fishnets, etc
  • one who wants to portray herself as a dominatrix/femdom
  • a creator who wants fans to fulfill their sexual fantasies
  • doing sexual acts only in your living room
  • using smart angles to focus only on various body parts, etc.

Once you have a clear picture of who you are, what your stage identity would be, how you would position yourself in the minds of your audience, and the type of content you’ll create, you can start building content while keeping this identity in mind.

Make sure you are consistent with promoting this stage identity across all your posts to help create your brand identity.

Building a brand will not only pay you off by helping you stand out as compared to your competition but will also enable you to etch yourself in the minds of your fans.

Your fans can easily identify your content out of a gazillion posts uploaded each day and know what type of content they can expect from you as a creator.

Here’s a screenshot of the profile of one of the anonymous OnlyFans creators. If you look carefully, she’s beautifully positioned herself as a domme and is very clear with the value she will create for her target audience.

How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face on OnlyFans?


3. Promote on Social Media

If you think simply creating stimulating content can make you earn boatloads of money on OnlyFans, you need to rethink your OnlyFans strategy.

There are so many content creators who upload explicit content each day on OnlyFans. What do successful creators do to become authoritative? They promote their content on various social media platforms.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media when it comes to reaching your audiences. Promoting yourself as a content creator across social media platforms can help you gain followers and customers who pay you for your OnlyFans content.

However, you must choose the platforms you are most comfortable with, understand how they function, and see if you can consistently post useful content on these platforms. There are certain caveats you must observe here:

  • Posting the same content across various platforms won’t help much. This means each platform needs its own promotion strategy. What may work on TikTok may not work on Instagram.
  • Choose platforms that are known for promoting the type of content you create. For instance, if you are an adult content creator, Reddit and Twitter may work best for you. This is because other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram do not allow NSFW content.
  • Go for platforms you are comfortable using. This is because, till the time you are not well-versed with the way a particular social media platform functions, you won’t be able to gain authority via your content. For instance, some adult content creators find Reddit extremely confusing and thus choose Twitter because they understand the dynamics of the platform and can consistently create quality content.
  • Create quality content, engage with your fans, and make sure your content helps them to seek what they are there for.
    Reply to DMs, build a personal connection with your audience, and drive them to follow you on OnlyFans for customized content.

4. Create Value Via Quality Content

No networking or social media promotion works if your content is of poor quality. Many creators commit the mistake of choosing a niche opposite to their interest leading to disastrous results.

No matter how hard you work or the number of hours you put in, you won’t reach anywhere if you are not offering something that is useful for your target audience. Therefore, make sure that you love what you are doing and have relevant experience, knowledge, and understanding of the niche you choose to cater to.

For instance, if you are an adult content creator, make sure your content is helping your audience fulfill their sexual desires and fantasies.

Also, creativity goes a long way in gaining fans. Think of ways in which you can keep your audience hooked and give them the personal touch they long for.

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