How To Go Live On OnlyFans?

OnlyFans live stream is one of the great ways in which you can make huge sums of money in a short span of time as a content creator. Much like Instagram and YouTube, you can start a live broadcast on OnlyFans, connect with your fans instantly, and get paid a hefty amount for engaging with them.

Many content creators fail to take advantage of growing their community and earning huge sums of money through OnlyFans live streaming simply because they don’t know how to structure their OnlyFans live stream, what can they live stream on, what the right time and frequency of live streaming on OnlyFans, should a free account holder live stream on OnlyFans, how to engage their fans when going live on OnlyFans, and how to price their live stream content to make more money.

Here’s what a content creator, who has a free account on OnlyFans, said about OnlyFans live streaming on Reddit.


How to Go Live on OnlyFans?

In this article, we’ll help you know how to go live on OnlyFans, what can you live stream on OnlyFans, tips and tricks for live streaming on OnlyFans, and how to price your live streaming on OnlyFans. So let’s get started.

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How To Go Live On OnlyFans?

The first thing you must know is how to livestream on OnlyFans. It’s easy and here are the steps you need to follow to go live on OnlyFans.

1. Create A New Post

Open your OnlyFans application and click on ‘New Post’.

How to Go Live on OnlyFans?

2. Click ‘Go Live’

Click on the ‘Go Live’ button as shown in the image below.

How to Go Live on OnlyFans?

3. Set Your Preferred Streaming Settings

You may click on the ‘Settings’ icon and choose between the various live streaming viewing options such as WebRTC, Low Latency, and, TCP. While your live streaming viewing is set at WebRTC by default, you can go for Low Latency for less lag between the time the video is shot by you and the time it is played on display by the end-user or TCP in case of unstable networks.

How to Go Live on OnlyFans?

4. Add An Entry Fee to Your Livestream

This is the price your fans will have to pay if they need to see you entertaining them live. This is like the entry fee to see you perform live. Click on the ‘Price Tag’ button on the top right. Remember, this ‘Entry Fee’ option is only available to the creators having a free OnlyFans account.

How to Go Live on OnlyFans?

Then, set the price at which your fans can enter to see you live in the space provided and click ‘Save’.

How to Go Live on OnlyFans?

5. Set Tip Goals And Rewards For Your Livestream

Click on the ‘Tip Goal’ button on the top right and set a tip goal for your livestream. A tip is nothing but your fans’ way of appreciating your content by paying you for specific content.

You may set a tip goal of say $250 and reward your fans with a particular type of content (say going nude) once they hit the tip goal. Furthermore, you must have a tip menu that comprises various entertaining things you can do for them at a set price which may help you earn more. More on Tip Menu in the tips and tricks section below.

How to Go Live on OnlyFans?

Once you put the tip goal and the reward in the space provided, check the ‘Show Tip Goal to Viewers’ box if you want your viewers to see your tip goal and click ‘Save’.

How to Go Live on OnlyFans?

6. Set Availability

You may choose the list of subscribers whom you want to be available for the Livestream by clicking on the ‘Available to’ option as shown in the screenshot below.

How to Go Live on OnlyFans?

Select the list of subscribers and click ‘Apply’.

How to Go Live on OnlyFans?

7. Add A Description

Add a small note describing your live stream and turn on the ‘Show Collected Tips to Viewers’ in case you want to share the tip amount with your fans.

How to Go Live on OnlyFans?

8. Go Live

Click on the ‘Start Live Video’ button at the bottom to go live on OnlyFans.

How to Go Live on OnlyFans?

What Can I Livestream On OnlyFans?

Since the majority of content creators belong to the adult industry, let’s just stick to the ideas that you can use as an adult content creator to go live on OnlyFans.

One thing you need to be very clear about is that to keep your fans hooked to your Livestream, you must dig out things that will entertain your fans, fulfill their fantasies, and help them derive pleasure from your content.

It’s like decoding the correct flow of your content – building up the excitement initially by serving teasing content, piquing their interest further by giving them a little extra and keeping them hooked, and finally pushing them toward climax.

a. Building Excitement

The first few minutes of your Livestream are extremely important because this is what is going to keep them interested in you. Say you sent out a 48-hour notice informing them about this one-hour Livestream promising that you’ll be going naked and eventually masturbating.

Accordingly, the first few minutes could have you chat with them a bit, set the stage, and maybe begin strip teasing.

b. Piquing Interest Further

Once you have fans joining in and engaging with your Livestream, you can go a few steps further in piquing their interest. This could include undressing, talking dirty, shaking your bottoms, playing, etc., and helping your fans get stimulated. This is where your Tip Menu will come into the picture.

You could keep a Tip Goal of masturbating on receiving the tip amount of say $1000, which you will achieve via your tip menu. The tip menu provides details of various things you will do for your fans during the Livestream for a certain set price. Your Price Menu could, for instance, say the following: removing top – $7; removing bottoms – $14; going nude – $24; bottom shake: $10 per minute.

Remember, if you’re faking anything here, you’ll be caught easily and make your fans exit from your Livestream. Thus, the whole act of going naked and masturbating must come naturally to you, which will happen only if you have a genuine connection with your fans.

If they like what you are serving them, they may push you to give your best and even ask for custom requests during the Livestream for which they will tip you. As mentioned earlier, viewers are coming for their enjoyment and fulfilling their desires. Make sure you’re giving them what they are here for.

c. Revealing Climax

Once you reach the tip goal of $1000, you take your fans toward the climax, that is, you masturbate. You may use various tools for masturbation and let your fans enjoy the ride. You may even stretch this play beyond one hour and grab the opportunity to earn over and above the tip goal amount. This depends if you are confident you can stretch further and keep your fans hooked beyond the stipulated time.

Tips And Tricks For Live Streaming On OnlyFans

1. Send A Prior Notice For Livestream

Make sure you send a 24-hour to 48-hour notice to your fans informing them about the day and date of your Livestream. This helps people to set their dates and make themselves available on the day and time you want to host a Livestream.

Thus, sending a prior notice of the live stream intimation means that you will have to plan and market your live stream beforehand.

You can advertise when you are going live via a mass message on your OnlyFans page as well as publicly on your other social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit.

This way you’ll never miss out on the fans who love to watch your content from joining your Livestream and increasing your odds of making more money.

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2. Set Deadlines And A Genuine Tip Goal

When we say deadline, we mean setting a time limit for which you will go live for your fans. For instance, if you plan to host an hour-long Livestream, you can promote this by saying “Hey people, I’ll be going live for an hour tomorrow, Saturday night, starting at 9:00 pm ET. ”

The idea of setting a time limit is to make your fans aware that they have just an hour to see you go naked. If they want to see you go topless, bottomless, and eventually naked, they need to meet the tip goals within time so that they can see you achieve your agenda for the Livestream.

Thus, setting a time limit is both for you to achieve your Livestream agenda within time and drive fans to help you achieve the same via meeting the tip goals in a timely way.

However, many OnlyFans creators go live for hours and make boatloads of money. In this case, we would suggest you see what works for you best.

Also, make sure that you set tip goals that are genuine and not too unrealistic to be achieved by your fans. Additionally, OnlyFans also has a feature called ‘See Tips’ that allows you to go public with your tip collection figures.

Make sure your tip collection figures can be seen by all the fans who have joined your Livestream. This is because it gives them an understanding of how much they lag in meeting the tip goals and how much they need to pay you in tips so that you can achieve your Livestream agenda.

3. Set A Theme For Your Livestream

One of the biggest misconceptions creators have about live streaming is that going live doesn’t require planning beforehand. Many creators go live without structuring their live stream, things they would do to intrigue their fans and drive them to tipping at various levels.

This results in situations where creators experience dead silence during the Livestream, not knowing exactly what to do next to keep their fans engaged.

Thus, it is important to plan your Livestream beforehand and think over creative ideas that you can execute when live on OnlyFans. For instance, you could have a theme where you would go naked for your fans, do sexually explicit content with your partner, etc. This not only keeps your fans hooked but also drives them to tip you during the Livestream as they enjoy what you present them with.

The caveat here is don’t be too rigid with what you are going to do when you go live on OnlyFans. As stated above, you must have an outline of the idea or theme that you’d be executing in a specific day’s Livestream. But don’t overdo it in terms of planning the activities because that may look fake. Go with the flow and keep it natural with the theme running in the backdrop.

4. Don’t Hesitate To Ask For Tips

Always remember, people come on OnlyFans to pay you for doing certain activities. So, you don’t have to hesitate to ask for tips from your fans.

If you have a paid OnlyFans account, you may fear asking for tips when going live on OnlyFans. But what you need to understand here is that people are here to pay you money for the content you create and the value your content adds to their lives.

Of course, you don’t have to sound pushy and greedy for money, giving your fans the impression that you are just here for the money. You know that you have to develop that human touch with your fans, ensure that you are creating value for your fans, and come up with creative ways of helping them live their fantasies which drives them to pay you tips.

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