How to Send PPV Messages on OnlyFans?

If you go by OnlyFans statistics for net revenues, users, and revenue paid to creators from 2019 to 2022, you’ll be surprised to see the massive growth of this social media platform during this period.

A typical OnlyFans content creator makes $180-$250 per month on average whereas the top creators like Blac Chyna make more than $20 million annually. Such higher earnings are revolutionary and have been possible because of the OnlyFans platform model that prioritizes the agency of content creators and gives creators the ability to have control over their content and how they price it.

While many content creators focus all their efforts on earning money via charging a subscription fee to view their content, the top earners on the platform know that the real money on the platform is made through pay-per-view messages and tips.

If you are an OnlyFans creator making the most money through subscriptions, you need to fix your earnings strategy as you are certainly losing the opportunity to make boatloads of money via PPV messages and tips.

We have discussed in detail how you can triple your OnlyFans income via PPV messages and tips in the later half of the article. But first, let’s understand what is a PPV message and how to send PPV messages on OnlyFans or how to do PPV messages OnlyFans?

What Is An OnlyFans PPV Message?

PPV stands for pay-per-view. OnlyFans PPV message is a message you, as an OnlyFans creator, send your fans in a direct message that contains audio, video, or picture content locked behind a paywall.

Fans who love your content and are excited to connect with you privately can request customized content in messages which can be opened only when they make payment for such content.

Each content piece going out in messages has a price attached and thus is locked behind a paywall. Thus, a fan needs to pay for every content piece separately if he wants to open and see the content behind the paywall.

Accordingly, every pay-per-view content piece has a price tag that is separate from the subscription fee fans pay to follow you if your account is paid. PPV messages are where you can be extremely creative, keep your fans engaged, and demand higher prices for each customized post, video, or audio you send your fans.

Remember, your PPV content must offer something exclusive to drive your fans to pay you extra bucks. You can’t command a higher price for the price-locked content you send in PPV messages if you aren’t fulfilling their fetishes, giving wings to their fantasies, and building the intimacy they crave.

Your fans are investing time and money to see and hear something that they do not get elsewhere. So, make sure you are making every second count by engaging with your fans one-on-one, offering them captivating content that drives them to demand more, and a personalized connection that advocates a sense of belonging and fosters loyalty.

However, you must note that OnlyFans has kept price limits for paid private messages, paid posts, and tips. Here’s the maximum and minimum price you can charge for an OnlyFans PPV message, a locked post on your timeline, and tips.

S.No. Particulars Price (in US $)
The minimum amount for paid private messages  $3


The maximum amount for paid private messages $100


The maximum price for a paid post $50
4. The minimum amount for tips $3
5. The maximum amount for tips for new users $100
6. The maximum amount for tips for users who are at least 4 months old on the platform $200

PPV messages are a great way to triple your OnlyFans earnings as a content creator. If a major portion of your current earnings is not coming from paid messages and tips, you are certainly losing a lot of money as an OnlyFans creator.

All top creators earning more than $100,000 per month have an OnlyFans earnings strategy focused on PPV messages and tips. They connect directly with their fans who want a more personalized connection with them, keep them hooked, and, thus, demand a good price for every personalized content piece they send out to their fans.

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How Does PPV Message Work On OnlyFans?

1. Content Locked Behind A Paywall

As mentioned earlier, every content piece sent via PPV messages is charged separately, over and above the subscription fee that your fans pay to follow your paid account. Every content piece sent to your fans in PPV messages is locked behind a paywall, which can be accessed and seen by your fans only once they pay the price for opening the locked content.

For instance, a fan loves your content and requests you to create a customized video featuring you clad in an intimate dress. You create the video as requested by the fan and send a one-minute video to your fan in a PPV message that is locked behind a price wall of $20. The fan then pays you $20 and is thus able to open your locked video and enjoy the same.

2. PPV Content In Various Formats

You can send PPV content in various formats via direct messages, build an intimate connection with your fans, and serve them with personalized content that fulfills their desires and fantasies.

For instance, you could send sexually explicit photos and videos, engage in sexting with your fans, or send audio messages to your fans and pique their interest.

Remember, every second you spend sexting or each explicit photo or video you send to your fans in PPV messages are exclusive and have a price attached.

If your fans love your content and want personalized content in messages from you, they need to pay the price for every single content piece.

3. Mass PPVs And Private PPV Messages

You may choose to send PPV messages to all your fans at once or send individual PPVs to specific fans privately. Sending mass and private paid messages comes with its share of benefits and drawbacks.

For instance, mass messages may enable you as a content creator to engage with several fans who watch your content but never engage with it.

It’s a great way to build a personalized connection with fans who, otherwise only see what you post but never engage with you, might be keen on developing a one-on-one bond with you.

However, mass-paid messages always run the risk of you coming out as a spammy content creator who is more interested in selling her offerings and making big bucks with generalized messages rather than building a loyal and intimate bond with the fan on the receiving side.

You must note that not all fans use OnlyFans every day. They may come online say twice a week in search of a more personalized and emotional connection with creators who are there to make every second count.

If they find your bulk messages in their inbox, they might never approach you and find you as a creator who is not worth their time as he/she may find you as a creator who is not interested in building a close bond with him/her and is simply spamming their inbox with generic messages.

Likewise, private messages are a great way to build intimacy with your fans through premium content. However, it may call for a lot of effort in terms of creativity and keeping your fans engaged via content that piques their interest and drives them to come for more.

How To Do PPV Messages On OnlyFans?

You need to follow the following steps to create and send PPV content in private messages. These include:

1. Open Messages

Go to the OnlyFans application and open ‘Messages’.

How to Send PPV Messages on OnlyFans?

2. Create A New Message

Click ‘New Message’ to create a PPV message to be sent to your fans.

How to Send PPV Messages on OnlyFans?

3. Attach Media

Attach photos, videos, or audio messages that you want to include as PPV content. Simply click on the ‘Media’ button.

How to Send PPV Messages on OnlyFans?

Select photos or videos you want to attach as PPV content and send your fans. Click ‘Open’ to add media in a PPV message.

How to Send PPV Messages on OnlyFans?

4. Add A Message

Type a message that will act as your first hook and drive your fans to build a one-on-one connection with you and demand personalized content in PPV messages. Try to be creative here instead of typing a generic message that seems spammy and ineffective.

How to Send PPV Messages on OnlyFans?

5. Set a Message Fee

Click on the ‘Price’ button below the space provided for typing your message.

How to Send PPV Messages on OnlyFans?

Now, set a price for the media you’re sharing with your fans and click ‘Save’.

How to Send PPV Messages on OnlyFans?

6. Set Viewing Preferences

This is one of the key steps in creating a PPV message for your fans. As can be seen in the image above, two different preview sections contain your content. One is the ‘Free Preview’ section which should contain the photo or a video that will be free of cost and will serve as a teaser or gateway for your paid content.

While uploading the content, you must ensure that the free photo or video that will be accessible by fans free of cost and will tease them to buy your paid content must be placed in this section.

To do this, simply click the ‘Left Arrow’ button, as shown in the image below. Select the images or videos you want to push to the ‘Free Preview’ section one by one and click on the ‘Left Arrow’ button again. Once you can see the free content moved to this section, click ‘Check Mark’ to separate ‘Free Preview Content’ from the ‘Price to View Content’. Not setting viewing preferences may have all your photos and videos in the ‘Price to View’ section, leaving you with no free teaser to pique the interest of your fans in what is lying behind the paywall.

How to Send PPV Messages on OnlyFans?

7. Select Message Recipients

As discussed earlier, you can select a specific fan to whom you want to send a paid private message. Or, you can simply select a list of fans to whom you want to send PPV content.

How to Send PPV Messages on OnlyFans?

Click ‘Send’.

How to Send PPV Messages on OnlyFans?

How To Charge For Messages On OnlyFans?

This is where most of the creators get stuck. Many OnlyFans creators struggle to price their PPV content and are not able to come up with a price that is both feasible to be paid by their fans and one that helps creators make more money.

Now, let us be clear with a few things here. Many of the creators confuse their worth with the price they charge for their PPV content. For instance, you may think how can you give sexually explicit content that features you stripping or naked for just a few dollars?

Now, what you must understand here is that your worth is much more than the content you serve your fans with. Everyone is worth something that can’t be put into figures. And that’s why, your worth can’t be a parameter for pricing your PPV content.

This is because it will not only make you overprice your content but also keep potential fans away from subscribing to your account. So, what should you charge for PPV messages on OnlyFans? What factors should you keep in mind while deciding the price of your PPV content?

1. Quality Of The Content

This is one of the most important factors that will decide what price can you charge for your PPV messages. You may cater to a niche that not many creators are into or create content that is backed by your imagination and creativity.

Right from the content ideas, location, picture, or video quality, to the costumes you use, everything put together should bring out something unique and the one that fulfills the desires and preferences of users.

Creating something similar to other content creators and demanding a high price for it may leave you with fewer paying fans. Why will they pay extra dollars for something already available with other content creators at a lesser price?

2. New Vs Well Known Creator

A famous singer, who now charges a thousand dollars for a concert ticket, could not have demanded the same price during his initial days when he was unknown and struggling.

Likewise, you need to see if you are a newcomer or a person who has made a mark by providing thrilling content to her fans. If you have just started, you will not be able to charge higher prices for your PPV content.

Your aim, as a newcomer, should be to attract more and more fans who get hooked to your content and get driven to pay you for the quality content you serve them. A well-known creator, on the other hand, can command higher tip amounts and prices for custom photos, videos, and pre-made content they share in messages.

3. Your Competition

Don’t forget to do cursory research as to what your competitor creators are offering and at what price. Take inspiration from other creators like you and set a price that is a sweet spot that drives your fans to pay you for your content and also pays you well for your services.

There’s no one-size-fits-all recipe to decide the price for your OnlyFans content though. What worked for other creators may not work for you.

If you are giving something unique or extra from what your competitors are providing, you may charge extra for your unique content.

Accordingly, knowing how your competition is pricing their content gives you a base to analyze your content and price it accordingly.

4. Video Vs Photo Content

You can command a better price for a video message than a photo message that you send to your fans.

How To Earn More Via OnlyFans PPV Message?

Before discussing how you can earn more via sending OnlyFans PPV messages, it’s important to know what doesn’t work when it comes to OnlyFans PPV messages. Many creators commit the mistake of sending mass PPV messages with generic captions to their fans, only to see fans not returning to them in their DMs.

Let’s try to understand why sending mass messages with generic captions won’t work. People do not use OnlyFans as often as they use their other social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or TikTok.

Unlike other social media platforms, they use OnlyFans when they are all by themselves, alone in their room, or in a private space where no one can see them using OnlyFans. Of course, they don’t want someone to catch hold of them while they indulge in sexting, masturbating, or watching sexually explicit content.

Thus, if they log in to their OnlyFans account, say, after a few days, only to see your mass DMs, they won’t bother to reply because you come out as a spammy creator to them.

Remember one thing here. There are so many creators selling sexually explicit content on OnlyFans. One of the major reasons an individual would reply to your DM is personal connection. If he thinks that he can develop that human touch with you, he will pay for the customized content he seeks out of you. Men are lonely and seek emotional connection. If you send a mass PPV to your fans, you lose the chance to build that connection with your fans as they would think that you are here to make money only.

Having said this, we are not saying that you should not send mass PPV messages. However, they must be sent out in a way that shows that you are here to build that emotional bond with your fans, for which they won’t mind paying you. Let’s now move to the PPV strategy that will help you amp up your OnlyFans income.

1. Drive Them To Talk To You

The first step to selling your PPV content is getting your fans to talk to you. One way you can drive them to start a conversation with you is by sending mass messages.

As discussed earlier, your mass message shouldn’t be something that makes you sound spammy by linking content to it. It should be a message that conveys that you are genuinely interested in having a steamy conversation with your fans.

Simple messages like “Hi baby, what are you doing tonight?” or “Hi, what’s up honey?” work wonders and give the impression that you are here to build an emotional connection with the fan on the other side.

Another way you can get your fans into your DM is by posting a scintillating post on your wall with a caption that drives them to act that very moment to start a conversation with you.

Messages like “Wanna have a fun night, DM me” or “Feeling lonely? DM me” along with a seductive image/video drive them to take the initiative to talk to you and grab a chance to fulfill their fantasies.

Finally, you can send a mass pay-per-view along with a message that influences them to start a conversation with you if they want more such paid content.

2. Build Their Interest

Once your fans come back to seek that emotional connection with you, the next step is to amp up their interest in you and the content you serve them.

This is the phase where you try and build an emotional bond with them. Ask them about their fetishes, their fantasies, what work they do, and their interests so that you get to know them better and they get to know you more.

This is the phase where you have to build such a connection that each of you gets comfortable with the other. Asking them about their work might sound boring but it gives you information about your fans’ financial background and their capacity to pay you. Also, make sure that you are not extending this phase too much because you don’t want fans who are free riders.

Trust us, many people would want to have a conversation with you for free and are total time wasters. Remember, you are also here to make money and are not investing too much time in people who come with the intent to get entertained without paying for the same.

Get to know your fans as much as you can and record this information somewhere as it will help you filter out fans who are genuinely interested in paying you for the content you’d serve them with.

Many times, your fans would lead you to have a sexual conversation with you. Now, this is exactly what you want them to do so that you can drive them toward selling your content.

However, there would be some fans who would not touch upon the sexual conversation and that is where you will have to pitch in and start the conversation yourself. You can ask them questions like “What type of content would you want to see?” or “How can you make their night better?”, etc., and get them going.

3. Sell Your Content

Once you have your fans taking an interest in you, the last phase is to sell your content to them. Make sure that you are serving them content in such a way that it pays you more than what the average creators typically earn.

The key lies in how you position your content. If you’re giving everything in one single post, you are losing the opportunity to earn higher amounts via PPV.

You could start by talking dirty and fitting in provocative outfits and say charge $50. You then could simply strip tease and go naked in the next post, charging $120 for the same.

Likewise, you could then move to more sexually explicit content and charge a higher price for the same. Keep moving up the ladder, piquing their interest, and driving them to have more of your content, while you keep increasing the price at every stage.

You can do a little smart work here by creating content beforehand while showing your fans that you actually did that content exclusively for them in real time.

You could simply ask them to give you a minute to create a video for them and then serve them with the premade video saving time and effort. This way, you earn much more than what an average content creator makes via PPV.


1. Can You Make PPV Posts On OnlyFans?

Yes, you can create PPV posts on OnlyFans. You can lock your photos and videos behind a paywall, which becomes accessible to your fans only once they make the payment.

If you have a free OnlyFans account, you post PPV content on your timeline that is locked behind a price wall. If fans want to see the intriguing content behind the paywall, they must first pay you the price you have set for the same.

2. Why Can’t I Send A PPV Message On OnlyFans?

If your OnlyFans account is still under the verification process, you will not be able to send PPV messages from your OnlyFans account. You will be able to do so only after your OnlyFans account has been verified.

Also, many creators face a glitch while sending mass PPV messages. If this is the case, you can schedule your PPV message 15-20 minutes from the current time at which you are planning to send out a PPV to your fans.

3. Can You Send Video Messages On OnlyFans?

You can certainly send video messages on OnlyFans. Simply go to messages, select ‘Upload Video Icon’, set a price, and send it to your fans. You can check the section ‘How to send PPV messages’ above for the detailed process.

4. How To Send Locked Messages On OnlyFans?

Sending locked messages on OnlyFans is super easy. Simply click on the ‘Messages’ tab, add photo, video, or audio content, set the price for the content, and send it to your selected list of fans. You can check the section ‘How to send PPV messages’ above for the detailed process.

5. How To Send Pictures Messages On OnlyFans?

Simply click on the ‘Messages’ tab, select the photos you want to send in the message, and add the pictures in the message using the ‘Add Image Icon’, set a price for the same, and send it to your fans.

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