OnlyFans Video Chat: How To Do One-on-One Video Chat On OnlyFans?

Many creators are unable to fulfill requests they receive in their DMs for a one-on-one video call on OnlyFans. It’s because they simply do not know how to go about having a private OnlyFans video chat with their fans.

Many fans crave personal time with you as a creator and are ready to pay you well for a video chat. But the challenge lies in not knowing how to have a one-on-one chat on OnlyFans. Does OnlyFans have a feature for video chatting? Can you video chat with your fans directly from OnlyFans?

Well, OnlyFans does not have a video chatting feature on its platform as of now. Therefore, you cannot video chat with your fans through OnlyFans directly. However, this does not mean that you cannot have a one-on-one video chat with your fans.

Are there alternatives to the OnlyFans video chat? Is OnlyFans video chat worth the effort? What price can you charge for video chatting with your OnlyFans subscribers? Well, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we will help you know how you can have OnlyFans video chat, what price can you charge, and is OnlyFans video chat worth your time and hard work.

Can You Do A Video Call On OnlyFans?

OnlyFans does have a feature called OnlyFans live streaming where you as a creator can allow multiple fans to join your live session, see you entertain them, set tip goals, and make money by doing various sexually explicit acts.

Going live on OnlyFans is much like a live music concert where an artist performs live for all those fans who have bought tickets to the show. This is very different from a personal OnlyFans video chat.

In a video chat, you have a video call with one fan at a time which may involve you hanging out, going nude, or masturbating together with a fan over a private video call.

Unfortunately, OnlyFans does not support the video chat feature on its platform. Therefore, you would not be able to connect with fans who are interested in having a one-on-one video call with you.

However, there are alternative applications or platforms through which you can connect with your fans on a video call.

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What Are The Best Alternatives For OnlyFans Video Chat?

There are multiple applications you can use to have a one-on-one OnlyFans video chat with your subscribers. One of the OnlyFans creators posted queries regarding video chatting in one of the well-known subs on Reddit.

The majority of the creators who had one-on-one OnlyFans video chats with their fans suggested Snapchat as the best platform for video calling.

OnlyFans Video Chat

OnlyFans Video Chat

OnlyFans Video Chat

However, there are other alternatives like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and WhatsApp that can be used for video chatting by OnlyFans creators.

1. Snapchat

Follow the below-mentioned steps to have an OnlyFans video chat with your subscribers via Snapchat.

a. Download the app and create a Snapchat account using an email ID and password if you don’t have one. Choose a username that makes it easy for people to find you.

b. Once you have your Snapchat account set, you have multiple ways in which you can add your fans to your contact list and have a video chat with them.

Snapcode: Tap your profile on the top left to view your unique snap code. Share it with your fans via OnlyFans DMs. They can simply open their Snapchat and point their camera at the snapcode. They’ll see a notification at the bottom of their screen saying ‘Snapode Detected. Tap to Scan’.

OnlyFans Video Chat

Once you tap to scan, they’ll see your Snapchat profile. They can click ‘Add’ to add you to their friends list.

OnlyFans Video Chat

Contact: If your fans have your contact number, they can add you directly from their contact list by sending you a Snapchat request.

After adding the fan to your friend’s list, the next step is to simply tap on your profile picture and access the list of friends added to your Snapchat by clicking on ‘My Friends’. Tap on the fan’s profile you want to have a video chat with and Snapchat will open a window where you will see audio and video call icons on the top right.

Click on the video icon to start chatting with your fan one-on-one.

2. Skype

1. To video chat via Skype, follow the steps below.

2. Simply download the Skype app on your phone or access https://www.skype.com/en/ to open Skype in your browser.
Create an account using an email ID and a password. These would serve as your login details every time you try to log in to your Skype account.

3. You can add people to your Skype contact list by sending them an invite. Simply click on the search bar at the top left of your Skype account and you’ll see the option ‘Invite Friends to Skype’. Once you click on this, you will see a unique link for a Skype invitation. Copy the link or send via email the fan(s) you want to video chat with so that they can add you to the list.

OnlyFans Video Chat

4. Once you have the fan(s) in your Skype contact list, simply click on the fan(s) name and you’ll see a private window opening up. You can click on the Video icon on the top right and start a video chat with the fan (s).

OnlyFans Video Chat

5. You can even schedule a call with your fan(s) to manage your time effectively, take more calls in a day, and be available for your fans on video chat hassle-free.

OnlyFans Video Chat:

3. Zoom

1. Download the Zoom app or open Zoom in your browser. Create an account if you don’t have one via your Email ID and a password. You will be asked to use the details each time you log in.

2. Once your account is set, you can host or schedule a meeting with your fans and invite them to join the meeting. You can see the ‘Schedule’ and ‘Host’ icons on your home screen. While scheduling can be used if you want to have a video chat with a fan at a later date and time, the host icon can be used to have a meeting immediately with a fan.

3. Click on the ‘Meeting’ tab in the sidebar and the open ‘Personal Room’ tab to access your meeting information. You’ll see a Zoom link that is unique to your account and a meeting ID that you can share with the fans you want to host a Zoom video chat for.

OnlyFans Video Chat

4. You can even host a meeting and invite the fan(s) from within the meeting.

OnlyFans Video Chat

One of the many features Zoom offers you is that of recording your video. You can use it to post on your OnlyFans account as premade content. You can find the various features such as Record, Share Screen, Reactions, Add Participants, etc. in the bottom bar.

OnlyFans Video Chat

4. Google Meet

If you don’t want to undergo the hassle of creating accounts with the above applications, you can simply use your Google account to have a video chat with your fans.

1. Head to your Gmail account and click on the ‘Video’ icon below, if you are using an app and the ‘Meet’ icon in the sidebar if you are accessing Gmail via desktop.

2. You’ll see ‘New Meeting’ and ‘Join With a Code’ tabs on the screen. ‘New Meeting’ will allow you to send invites to your fans and host/schedule a meeting yourself. ‘Join with a code’ is an option if your fan is hosting a video call and sends you a code for the same.

3. Simply click on the ‘New Meeting’ icon and you will see a dropdown giving you the following options if you are accessing the Gmail app via your phone.

OnlyFans Video Chat

  • Get a meeting link to share (Copy this link and share it with your fan in the OnlyFans DM)
  • Start an instant Meeting(Start the meeting directly and then send an invite from between the meeting by copying the link and ‘share invite’ icons on the screen.)
  • Schedule in Google Calendar (Use this option if you want to schedule a meeting with your fan at a later day and time.)

4. If you are accessing your Gmail account via desktop, you’ll see both the ‘New Meeting’ and the ‘Join with a Code’ tabs. Clicking the ‘New Meeting’ tab will take you to a screen asking you to ‘Send Invite’ or ‘Start Now’.

OnlyFans Video Chat

5. WhatsApp

If you are comfortable sharing your phone number with the fan(s) you want to have a video chat with, Whatsapp is the easiest bet. You can access WhatsApp via your phone, desktop, tablet, and phone.

All you need to do is download the application, provide your phone number, add the fan(s) to your contact list, and start video chatting using the ‘Video Call’ icon.

OnlyFans Video Chat

What Should You Charge For OnlyFans Video Chat?

There is no ideal price when it comes to charging price for one-on-one OnlyFans video chat with your fans. However, you must note one thing video chatting is a personal service that you’d be giving to fans individually. It’s not going to be like live streaming where you are catering to multiple fans live and earning money via tips.

Likewise, it is also not like premade custom videos where although you charging for custom content, but is not available with the person face-to-face.

Video chatting with your fans is even more personalized where you are dedicating time to fans individually over a video call. Thus, it will require a lot of effort in terms of building a connection with the fan, getting comfortable with doing sexual acts in front of the camera for the individual fan and keeping the fan engaged. Many creators who have done camming in real life find it easy. However, video chatting can be uneasy for creators who are just starting.

Accordingly, charge a price that pays for your effort and the value it creates for the end-user. You can have two types of calls. The first one could be simply a normal hanging out with a call duration of say 30 mins with a price of $50.

The other call could be more about sexually explicit content where you can choose to go nude, masturbate together with your fan, or talk dirty for say $100 for an hour.

You can even choose to divide your videos based on timing and content. These could be 15-minute, 30-minute, and 45-minute sessions involving only sexual activities and charging $20, $60, and $75. You can also keep a $15 per minute rate with a limit on timing of say maximum of 10 minutes.

Or else, you could go for a flat rate of say $250 without a cap on time. Thus, you will have to try and test pricing and see what works best for you.

How Can You Share Videos and Earn Money On OnlyFans?

Apart from having an OnlyFans video chat or going live with fans, you can earn huge sums of money by sharing personalized videos as pay-per-view messages with your fans. These videos are locked behind a paywall and can be accessed by your fans only when they pay the price for it.

You can use premade videos here or create customized content as per the preferences of your fans.

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