The Ultimate Guide : How To Do Bookkeeping/Accounting For Shopify ECommerce DTC Beauty Brands

How To Do Bookkeeping/Accounting For Shopify eCommerce DTC Beauty Brands

Read how to do bookkeeping/accounting for Shopify eCommerce DTC beauty brands:

  • Basics To Bookkeeping/Accounting For Shopify eCommerce DTC Beauty Brands.
  • Common Bookkeeping/Accounting Challenges.
  • The Importance of Bookkeeping For Shopify eCommerce DTC Beauty brands
  • How To Do Bookkeeping/Accounting For Shopify eCommerce DTC Beauty Brands?
  • Useful Bookkeeping Practices For Shopify eCommerce DTC Beauty Brands.
  • Top Benefits Of Cloud-Based Accounting.
  • Final Bookkeeping Key Takeaways.
  • Frequently Asked Questions.
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Basics To Bookkeeping/Accounting For Shopify eCommerce DTC Beauty Brands

The eCommerce beauty sector is evolving.
Bookkeeping will likely be on the top of the mind if you run an online Shopify eCommerce DTC beauty business.
Running an eCommerce DTC beauty business is arduous if your books are a mess.
That’s where accounting and bookkeeping come into the picture, as it is the foundation of a profitable eCommerce business.
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Overview On Bookkeeping & Accounting For Shopify eCommerce DTC Beauty Brands

Bookkeeping/ accounting works differently for eCommerce DTC beauty brands compared to traditional businesses.

If you have a reputed eCommerce DTC beauty brand, you definitely need a good system in place to better keep up with the finances.

If you are an eCommerce seller, management accounting will be most helpful to you in terms of expanding your business. It allows you to focus on various important business aspects easily.

Simply put, management accounting is the process of getting all the essential information to make wise business decisions.

In this guide, we help you know how to do Bookkeeping/accounting for Shopify eCommerce DTC beauty business to perform better in an online space.

Bookkeeping & Accounting Basics

Financial stability matters for the success of your eCommerce DTC beauty business. If you don't have proper inventory counts, you are putting your business at a big risk.

When it comes to the eCommerce business, there are some shopify bookkeeping concepts you need to understand to better manage finances.

These tedious tasks might not be the most exciting thing for small business owners to handle. This is why many eCommerce sellers outsource these tasks for others to do it in the right manner.

Whether you handle the accounting and bookkeeping duties on your own or outsource these jobs to others, know these tasks are crucial to any business as they keep business records up-to-date and accurate.

Below are a few bookkeeping and accounting basics:

Cash Flow: A smooth cash flow is essential for the smooth running of your DTC beauty business. The total money that is coming in and going out of your business will help you know the total earnings you made.

Moreover, you will get a better understanding of your business and easily manage your cash flows.

Inventory: The inventory defines the goods that you have on hand, what you have in stock, what you’re selling, what is running low, and much more.

Your inventory can either expand or shrink; it all depends on what you’re selling and how well you’re performing. Inventory tracking is important as it ensures you will never be without items when needed the most.

Goods Sold: Selling goods isn’t easy as saying. The profit you will earn is a difference between the cost of the item and the amount paid by customers.

The cost of sold goods will help you actually know the actual cost of your business. The cost here doesn’t just reflect the item's cost, but actually to assemble, pack, and item shipping.

Operating Expenses: Operating expenses take into account everything that actually contributes to running the business. It includes the cost of business advertising, labour, and others.

Getting an understanding of your operating expenses helps you know how much your business will make a profit.

Paying Taxes: One of the most important parts of running a successful eCommerce business is to have a proper understanding of the taxes.

For businesses, handling taxes can be complicated but with the right guidance in place, it’s easy. All you need is to keep proper track of your business income, expenses, and others with bookkeeping.

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Common Bookkeeping Challenges For Shopify eCommerce DTC Beauty Brands

The success of a Shopify eCommerce business depends on proper bookkeeping and accounting.
E-commerce businesses likely face various challenges, and efficient bookkeeping is on the top of the list.
In short, bookkeeping is a process of better managing the company’s finances.
Any bookkeeping mistake can lead to unnecessary losses. So it’s good for you to have some professional support in place.
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Common Bookkeeping Challenges For Shopify eCommerce DTC Beauty Brands

Below are some of the challenges that Shopify eCommerce DTC beauty businesses can encounter:

Managing Inventory: You’re likely to encounter difficulty running an eCommerce business for DTC beauty products. Without accurate bookkeeping and accounting, businesses can suffer a lot. No matter how small your eCommerce business is, managing inventory can be challenging for many sellers. If you have more than one warehouse, you must keep accurate records of everything, including what you have, how much it is worth, and where it is.

Every online retailer’s cash flow depends heavily on inventory management, therefore it’s critical to keep it under control. Inventory management is difficult as one can’t easily determine which products generate the most revenue. That is when accurate Shopify bookkeeping and accounting become necessary.To ensure that your financials are always up to date, you must have a good system in place that gives you the most reliable data.

Tracking Of Sellers Fees :   The majority of e-commerce platforms have a fixed monthly fee, which is more difficult to monitor. There are costs associated with the listing, transactions, advertising, and order fulfilment. But sellers may properly track seller fees and other expenses if they have a good accounting and bookkeeping system.

Keeping Up With Expenses : It seems like Shopify eCommerce DTC Beauty Brands spends more time on customer relationships than on their finances. They are less able to keep up with their finances. There are a lot of expenses a Shopify eCommerce brand deals with and it can be tough tracking them all. It’s hard to keep track of all the necessary receipts and expenses that actually keep your store running. It’s important for the seller to understand all of the costs and one can do this easily by:
  • Carefully tracking the cost of selling DTC beauty products.
  • A regular checking of the total costs of products.
Charging & Paying Taxes Sales taxes refer to taxes added to the products’ costs. Business owners have to add these costs to the amount that customers have to pay and further pay the taxes to the tax authorities. The problem is that sales tax rules vary depending on where you and the customer are located. This is the reason, taxes can be complicated for many DTC beauty businesses. But with monthly bookkeeping, however, one can well prepare for tax time.


Bookkeeping Matters For Shopify eCommerce DTC Beauty Brands

If you are one of the brands selling eCommerce DTC beauty products online, you need a good system in place to keep up with finances.
Business finances are the foundation of a healthy eCommerce business.
And bookkeeping is something you need to have in place for better tracking of everything.
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Below are some of the benefits of building out solid bookkeeping processes:

If you do not keep up with accurate inventory numbers, are unaware of the sales you made, and your books are a mess, you will cause a big loss to your business.

A Good Bookkeeping Will Help You Build Financially Stable 

Bookkeeping is the backbone of every eCommerce business. If you have a proper system in place for recording all these transactions and expenses, you can better get an idea of how your business is operating.

A Good Bookkeeping Will Help You Better Forecast Your Business

The better you keep up with your financial numbers, the easier you can predict your business’s future activity. This will enable you to plan better and work smarter.

A Good Bookkeeping System Will Ensure You Can Prepare For Tax Returns Accurately

Solid bookkeeping is your way to save a lot of time and hassle when it comes to filing taxes. If you have proper upkeep of financial records in place, you can better act in accordance with tax laws and comply with relevant sales tax regulations. Also, planning ahead with a professional bookkeeper can allow you to work more easily and helps you save money on taxes. Take your time for proper tax planning to ensure maximum tax deductions.


How To Do Bookkeeping/Accounting For Shopify eCommerce DTC Beauty Brands?

As your business grows, handling finances also gets complex.
If you have defined systems and processes in place, bookkeeping of business becomes quite easy.
Keeping all your records in an accurate manner also ensures your business operates efficiently.
In this chapter, we help you know the best way to do bookkeeping for your DTC Beauty Business:
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How To Do Bookkeeping/Accounting For Shopify eCommerce DTC Beauty Brands?

Even if you are not extremely skilled at handling finances on your own, having proper bookkeeping and accounting in place makes sense because it is the only way to maintain accurate and well-organized records. It is also accurate to say that bookkeeping is not a skill. There are two primary ways to handle accounting for your Shopify eCommerce DTC Beauty brand: on your own or with a professional. Having a professional for the handling of your accounting and bookkeeping relieves you from all the responsibilities. From keeping proper track of daily sales to having proper records of tax time, you easily manage your finances and books.

You don’t have to be concerned about anything getting done right and on time. You may concentrate on other elements of your business, such as product development and marketing, by outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting to experts.

Cloud-Based Bookkeeping & Accounting : You can keep your business books online if you consider using cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting. This comprises a list of assets, liabilities, and records of revenue and expenses. Only those with the login can view the data because it is encrypted, much like the information at a bank. The majority of systems provide features for quoting, billing, managing invoices, and other tasks. Hiring a professional who can handle the bookkeeping tasks for your online business is a fantastic idea. A professional can provide clean books that you would be happy to show.

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Useful Bookkeeping/Accounting Practices For DTC Beauty Brands

The eCommerce sector is widely known for dealing with a large number of daily transactions.
Therefore, the biggest challenge is to keep proper track of accounting data.
Bookkeeping of eCommerce business can be tedious as one is likely to deal with a lot of expensive transactions.
That’s why we bring you the top practices that actually work for accurate eCommerce bookkeeping.
So let’s discuss the useful practices:
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Useful Bookkeeping/Accounting Practices For DTC Beauty Brands

The eCommerce sector is widely known for dealing with a large number of daily transactions. Therefore, the biggest challenge that arises is to keep proper track of accounting data. Bookkeeping and accounting of eCommerce business can be tedious and time-consuming as one is likely to deal with a lot of expensive transactions. That’s why we bring you the top practices that actually work for accurate eCommerce bookkeeping. So let’s discuss the useful practices: All these practices not only help you finish your accounting tasks but also make it easier for you to get them done in less time!

Keep Your Books Updated Regularly: If you want your eCommerce business to run smoothly, you ensure your bookkeeping is regularly updated. Organized bookkeeping helps you keep track of all transactions and you can make ideal decisions based on accurate financial data.

Stick To Cloud-Based Accounting: If you want your business to work smarter and faster, consider cloud-based accounting. Considering cloud accounting, you keep your books online. This includes complete records of income, expenses, and assets. The shift of bookkeeping and accounting from desktop to cloud is a major step when it comes to managing finances. But this type of accounting helps eliminate various challenges that usually occur with traditional accounting and bookkeeping.

Keep Proper Inventory Reporting: Keeping a proper track of inventory is a great advantage in making informed business decisions. A well-managed inventory makes you easily know about the products that are highly recommended by the customers.

Stay Aware Of Your Financial Transactions: There is one more best practice you can consider to keep you aware of your financial transactions. When you are running an eCommerce business, it is likely for you to forget how much money is coming in and going out. This is the reason you need to keep proper track of your financial transactions. By doing so, you can avoid running out of money.

Understand How To File Your Taxes On Time: Each business type has different tax requirements. If you are running an eCommerce business, understanding how to file taxes is a crucial practice. It is a necessary step you can take to keep your eCommerce business running smoothly.



Accounting is one of the vital components of the eCommerce DTC beauty business.
The thing that makes Cloud accounting different from traditional accounting is that it holds data on remote servers.
This chapter will explain to you all the benefits of cloud-based accounting:
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How Cloud-Based Accounting Benefits eCommerce DTC Beauty Brands?

With cloud-based accounting software, eCommerce businesses don’t need to set up a desktop individually. One can access the cloud with their own devices. A user can manage the accounts receivable, accounts payable, and more using cloud-based software. In short, cloud accounting refers to performing the most basic accounting tasks using software that lies in the cloud, which quite works similar to the SaaS business model. This means a cloud-based system connects businesses and allows access to the information from anywhere, resulting in a better understanding of the business’s financial state.

Is Cloud-Based Accounting Safe? Many eCommerce businesses can question how they secure their financial data. The cloud-based accounting system is the answer. This accounting system makes use of encryption allowing the rewriting of your information in the most secure and in the form of unbreakable code. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the safety of the cloud accounting system. Cloud-based accounting gives your business more room to grow as they integrate and automate your basic accounting activities, making it more secure and easy to access. This accounting system is something that businesses need to have in place to avoid falling behind and losing to their competitors. The benefits of using a cloud accounting system are pretty much the same as other cloud software. Still, it is more vital as finances act as a base and foundation of every business activity.

It Allows Accessing Financial Information From Anywhere: Cloud-based accounting is a method that allows you to view all the essential financial numbers from anywhere. This type of accounting method eliminates one to work from a single central office computer. One just needs to use a web browser on the desktop to access the accounting information.

It Allows Access To Real-time Information: With well-organized and updated bookkeeping in place, you can easily achieve real-time information. You don’t need to deal with outdated data that is available from weeks and months ago. As quickly as and as easily as, you can get a summary of the current financial situation of your DTC beauty business.

It Allows Secure Sharing Of Data: Cloud accounting enables you to access your accounts’ information effortlessly. This cloud-based accounting method enables you to access real-time financial data most securely. This is quite faster, safer, and provides one with all the information that is quite helpful in the future.


Useful Bookkeeping/Accounting Practices For DTC Beauty Brands

In this chapter, we will now recap all the final key points associated with the bookkeeping for Shopify DTC beauty brands.

Shopify accounting is so much easier when you consider cloud-based accounting, and take the time to establish a solid financial foundation, systems, and processes, including:

  • Managing eCommerce bookkeeping and accounting is easier if you establish a solid foundation of all the processes early on. 
  • Bookkeeping for DTC beauty brands is more vital than ever. It is something that allows sellers to better monitor how the business is performing from time to time. 
  • Accurate and up-to-date bookkeeping allows DTC beauty businesses to better prepare them for filing sales taxes promptly.
  •  There are two ways to do bookkeeping: one is on your own or another is to hire a professional. If we talk about the faster option for eCommerce businesses, then it is hiring professional support. 

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Useful Bookkeeping/Accounting Practices For DTC Beauty Brands

If you are a big DTC beauty brand, it is likely for you to have some questions that need to be answered right away. This chapter is for you – look for the most relevant answers to the most frequently asked questions.
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Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is eCommerce Accounting & Bookkeeping?

Handling funds is the toughest job for DTC beauty brands. It is precisely difficult to deal with the funds if there is no proper upkeep of financial records. That’s where eCommerce accounting and bookkeeping become the most useful way. It helps in monitoring the payables and receivables and much more.

Why Do Shopify DTC Beauty Brands Need Cloud-Based Accounting?

Bookkeeping for your DTC beauty business is complicated yet time-consuming at the same time. It is more difficult for one who tracks income and expenses on a spreadsheet. This is the reason businesses need cloud-based accounting to better handle their finances. It offers the following benefits.
  • It helps in determining the business profitability.
  • It helps businesses know to easily predict whether they hit their budget target or not. 
  • It also gives a complete overview of how the business is performing in the competitive market. 

What Can Cloud-Based Accounting Do?

In simple terms, a cloud-based accounting method helps save time one spends on manual handling of income and expenses. The method allows DTC beauty businesses to automate the workflows and handle everything in one place:
  •  Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivables
  • Customers Invoices
  • Tracking payroll
  • Collecting online payments
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Reporting detailed business insights


Accurate E-Commerce Bookkeeping Helps Grow eCommerce DTC Beauty Businesses

Operating a DTC Beauty business is not that easy. It comes with a lot of bookkeeping and accounting complexities. Whether your business is small, mid-size, or big, there will be challenges at every step.
By getting a keen understanding of Bookkeeping and how they help you manage books, you can make the decision that is best for your business.
eCommerce businesses all across the globe are making use of Cloud Based Bookkeeping Services. Now’s the time to make the switch and give your business the tools to start expanding to a lucrative future.
We at FreeCashFlow offer personalized bookkeeping services for eCommerce businesses so that they can be equipped with the right accounting solutions for their business growth.
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