Here Is How App Companies Can Do Bookkeeping & Accounting:

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Bookkeeping & Accounting Basics For App Companies
  • Types Of App Companies & Importance of Books
  • How To Do Bookkeeping & Accounting for App Companies?
  • Cash vs. Accrual Accounting: Which is better for App businesses?
  • What You Should Stop Doing As An App Company?
  • Sales Tax Tips For App Companies
  • What To Look for When Choosing an Amazon CPA for Your App Business
  • Final key takeaways
  • Frequently Asked Questions
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    Bookkeeping & Accounting Basics

    The growth of mobile app companies is incredible with the increasing smartphone adoption rates.
    Well, starting an app company seems simple, but there are many challenges one can deal with. One of the most important is organizing the finances to help run the business smoothly.
    Bookkeeping plays a keen role in either making or breaking a business. So ensure it’s managed appropriately.
    So wondering what role bookkeeping plays in the app industry? This chapter helps you explain everything related to bookkeeping and accounting for app companies.
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    Learning how to track your spending and income might feel like a major burden, whether you're just starting as a new app company or have been operating for years.

    You’re not alone!

    Almost three-fourths of app companies believe their grasp of the bookkeeping and accounting process is lacking. 

    One needs to handle an asset account, tax returns, credit card chargebacks, and other things in addition to running your firm.

    If you're just getting started, it can be intimidating and perplexing. But it's not necessary to be. Do you want to master your own bookkeeping? This article will teach you everything you need to know about starting to keep books for an app company and how to increase your profitability.

    Every app company must perform at least the most fundamental bookkeeping. The upkeep of a company's financial records is known as bookkeeping. Maintaining accounting records, particularly those related to expenses and accounts payable and receivable, determining profits and losses, and creating financial statements at various reporting intervals are among a bookkeeper's core responsibilities.

    Bookkeeping Needs Vary By Industry

    Despite the fact that all app companies utilize bookkeepers for the most fundamental financial record-keeping tasks, many of them only require the most basic bookkeeping services, and in many instances, the company owner also serves as the bookkeeper. 

    It is assumed that large-scale companies frequently have a staff of bookkeepers, accounting clerks, auditors, and accountants and have very complicated bookkeeping and accounting procedures. The companies naturally have more complex accounting due to their size, but they also have to keep more records by law and regularly engage in complex investment activities like taxes. 

    Bookkeeping Vs. Accounting 

    The process of recording a company's financial information in a specific way is called bookkeeping. Where accounting continues, where bookkeeping ends. The creation and interpretation of taxes, financial statements, and other reports are all part of accounting, as well as the design of systems for easily and accurately recording financial records. 

    Some responsibilities that are typically handled by accountants in larger firms—such as preparing taxes or reports—are occasionally carried out by bookkeepers in small businesses.

    By keeping and recording financial records, hiring a CPA is essential for app companies, no matter the size. They assist in the creation of year-end tax returns and keep track of the business's general financial situation.


    Types Of App Companies & Importance of Books

    Bookkeeping simply refers to how app businesses monitor the overall financial health.
    Without the basic bookkeeping practices, it is easy for the financial transactions to get out of control, which further leads to confusion and loss of profit.
    Whether it’s a lack of knowledge or being completely unaware of bookkeeping, it’s good for app companies to outsource their financial processes to a professional bookkeeper.
    If your app company is new to bookkeeping, this chapter will help you out – it covers important definitions, types of app companies, and so on.
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    Types Of Businesses Around the App Industry


    You might be asking why bookkeeping and accounting are so crucial to health and wellness facilities if you're starting an app business in the healthcare industry.

    What specifically makes the job of a healthcare accountant so crucial to the success of the healthcare provider or organization that they would choose to hire someone to carry out these responsibilities? 

    This is a legitimate question to ask since the more you comprehend the reasons for the necessity of a given role, the more clearly you will be able to comprehend the necessity of particular responsibilities or functions inside that role. 

    It is simpler to grasp why accounting and bookkeeping are so important to healthcare organizations. These businesses won't be open for long enough to genuinely assist their patients if they do not monitor their financial situation and pay attention to their data. However, good bookkeeping and accounting procedures also have another benefit.

    You already know the stress that having incorrect accounts may cause if you've ever neglected to record a payment that you made from your checking account.


    In the gaming industry, accounting refers to managing a wide range of basic financial operations. That includes all the time-consuming tasks and responsibilities you have, such as bookkeeping, payroll, account preparation, corporate tax reports, and others. All accounting concerns in gaming are addressed by properly managed bookkeeping and accounting.


    Timely and accurate financials are the key to a more profitable travel agency. Our travel agency bookkeeping services help independent agents, franchisees, and tourist agency owners so that they can conveniently run their business. Bookkeeping for a travel app company can involve different types of cash flow needs, expenses, and revenue that are unique to the travel industry. 


    Due to the knowledge it spreads and the youngsters it educates, education is one of the most thriving sectors. Along with education, this industry's long-term viability depends on a number of other factors, one of which is maintaining profit or gain. Everything is meaningless without finance, so managing the financial and accounting aspects clearly becomes crucial.

    The Importance Of Bookkeeping For App Companies Out There:

    Running an app company requires careful attention to bookkeeping. It is a tool that enables businesses to store, organize, and analyze financial data more effectively. You may accurately infer information about the financial security of your company utilizing this financial data.

    However, it's not the only factor that makes bookkeeping crucial for small enterprises. In fact, the IRS mandates that companies keep specific records and utilize accounting to manage their revenue and expenses.

    The IRS mandates that you keep records of:

    • Gross receipts 
    • Purchases
    •  Expenses 
    • Assets 
    • Travel, transportation, entertainment, and gift expenses 
    Without corporate bookkeeping, it can be challenging to maintain track of and submit the required data to the federal government. Not to mention that filing incompletely or with false information may result in penalties and fines.


    How To Do Bookkeeping & Accounting for App Companies?

    Bookkeeping is a core part of business finances and impacts the success of your app company.
    There are so many unavoidable accounting and bookkeeping tasks that one as an app company has to perform regularly.
    When it comes to performing bookkeeping and accounting for your app company, there are various ways to do it. So let’s discuss in this chapter, the best way to do bookkeeping and accounting for app companies.
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    Managing Your Own

    Managing your bookkeeping means you are in the charge of handling your finances, storing records, and creating necessary financial statements.

    If you are an owner of a very small app company, then you might be able to manage your bookkeeping on your own but for that, you must be regular.

    Although making use of accounting software can simplify your bookkeeping process, you still require tech-based skills to better run that software. 

    Using Online Bookkeeping Service

    Outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting is also a good option if you don’t know where to start. So consider finding out the best virtual bookkeeping service to get the process started smoothly. With the support of online bookkeeping services, you can better communicate either via email or phone without meeting in person. What responsibilities are handled by the service; all depends on the provider. 

    Hiring A Professional Bookkeeper or CPA

    You can also consider hiring a professional bookkeeper or CPA for your app company. By having a professional for your business, you can access high-end expertise. A professional with good skills helps you better manage your finances, processes, and accounting.


    Cash vs. Accrual Accounting: Which Is Better?

    Choosing between cash and accrual accounting will often depend on your business size.
    Cash accounting type somewhere goes well with small businesses but accrual accounting gives the most realistic idea of long-term growth.
    To get a better idea, which one is better for you? Dig out into this chapter, overview the differences between the two, and pick the one that suits you the best.
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    As an app company owner, you'll have to make lots of choices. among the most crucial? In order to accurately track revenue and costs, determine profit and loss, and manage the financial well-being of your business, it involves determining how to maintain your accounting. Understanding each technique, its advantages and limitations, as well as the requirements of your business, is necessary to decide between cash-based and accrual-based accounting.

    Cash-basis Accounting Accrual Accounting
    • It’s easy to use
    • An ideal method for small businesses
    • Very simple to maintain
    • knowledge needed
    • Gives you an accurate picture of your cash flow
    • Provides you with a clear picture of income and expenses
    • You can get a better long-term financial view
    • Not for every business use
    • Don’t provide you with a complete picture of income and expenses
    • Switch to another method from a cash basis might be difficult
    • More complex to handle
    • More accounting knowledge needed
    • Time-consuming for newbies

    Accrual Accounting In “Cloud” Is Better Option

    It probably sounds like accrual accounting is a lot of work in one place. But it’s not true, it doesn’t mean everything needs to be handled by business owners themselves. Thanks to plenty of resources that are specially designed to help app companies manage their accurate books in less time; means zero expertise is needed. Keeping up with finances is time-consuming but by leveraging the power of the smart automation method “CLOUD”, you can free up your room of hassles.


    What You Should Stop Doing As An App Company?

    Managing your business finances does not require much effort if you have the right advice in place.
    There are a lot of valuable pieces of advice that small to mid-sized to large scale app companies can take into consideration.
    To help app companies prosper, we have listed the things that they should stop doing:
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    The thing you need to keep in mind is to take all the essential advice into consideration that helps you make a great start in setting up financial systems. Making accounting mistakes frequently can turn into an improper financial system and put a negative impact on business. So the better system you produce, the more informed decisions you can make for your app company. 

    • Resolving accounting errors is time-consuming. Common errors can be avoided if there is a better system in place. 
    • Frequently making accounting errors can also result in more penalties and fines. 

    What Accounting Mistakes To Avoid?

    • Not updating your accounts regularly is the foremost mistake app companies usually make. Choosing a cloud-based accounting method is the best way to streamline your accounting and perform more activities in less time.
    • Spreadsheets are not a good idea. As your app company grows, so will your accounting work. So it is good to consider smart accounting methods for app companies. 
    • Working without a qualified bookkeeper or CPA is never a good deal. So you make sure to hire a professional with good skills in bookkeeping and accounting.


    Sales Tax Tips For App Companies

    When tax season rolls around, it is likely for online entrepreneurs to start sorting their financial records and finding out how much they have to pay to the government.
    Even though you are an owner of an app company, the chances are still there to feel pretty much baffled as the tax season approaches.
    In this chapter, we are explaining the proven sales tax tips that help app companies ease their woes.
    Here We Go:
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    The constantly shifting tax situation is something that app businesses shouldn't avoid. Here are some suggestions you may want to keep in mind as you get ready for tax season:

    With so much on their plates, new business owners often forget about impending tax deadlines or the financial information required to file their reports.

    When getting ready for tax season, organizing finances is essential. Using the numerous tools and resources available to assist budding entrepreneurs is also recommended.

    Make bookkeeping easier and more efficient

    The greatest method for new app companies to reduce the stress of tax season is to maintain accurate books all year long. There is no need to rely on labor-intensive manual techniques that are prone to error when there is a large variety of accounting software available.

    • Tracking expenses
    • Tracking sales and income
    • Creating and sending invoices
    • Managing inventory
    You are better equipped to maximize your refund while avoiding penalties connected with erroneous or incomplete tax returns if your financial records are current and in one location.

    Capture every business expense

    A fraction of small businesses report less than half of their business expenses each year, mostly because they lack an effective mechanism for recording out-of-office spending.

    Separate business from personal spending

    Small business owners should properly separate their personal and business spending from the start. Making the distinction between the two will make it much simpler for you to include deductions on your tax return and to back up those deductions in the event of an audit.

    Recommended steps to separate your business and personal finances include:

    • Establish a separate company bank account and a credit card that is only used for business transactions.
    • Never mix personal and professional spending.
    • Each month, deduct a certain amount from your business checking account.

    Hire A Professional CPA

    You can rely on a qualified CPA to soothe your concerns well before the filing date. A CPA will help you consistently improve bookkeeping procedures and gain a better understanding of the financial operations of your small business in addition to managing the details of tax preparation.


    What To Look for When Choosing an Amazon CPA for Your App Company

    As an app company’s owner, it is likely for one to wear a lot of hats.
    It’s hard to manage every aspect of the app company, probably you started it on your own.
    No matter what scale you are operating at now is the time to hire a professional CPA to better handle the finances of your app company.
    Check out below:
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    Do you require assistance with business accounting, financial statements, tax planning, and preparation, or others? Think of hiring a CPA, or Certified Public Accountant.

    Although hiring a CPA is a more wise option than using DIY options, these experts frequently end up saving you money by using their knowledge to identify tax-saving techniques or assisting you in accessing financing opportunities.

    The next step is choosing a CPA if you've concluded that hiring one is the best course of action. Considering that a CPA will have access to a great deal of private financial data, you must be careful who you choose.

    To hire the right CPA for you, take these steps:

    Make A List Of Prospective CPAs

    As with other service providers, asking for recommendations is a fantastic method to discover a CPA. Consult your friends, and family members as well as professional and personal associates. In this way, you can be certain that you are working with a reputable, seasoned CPA.

    Think About Your Needs

    CPA firms come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from small accounting firms with a single employee to enormous organizations with dozens or even hundreds of employees.

    Which size firm you select will depend on your preferences, requirements, and spending limit. A small company or a self-employed CPA can be the best option if you just need your tax return completed once a year.

    On the other hand, a major accounting company with a dedicated team at your disposal may be a better option if you have a developing business and require year-round assistance. Just bear in mind that larger businesses typically impose higher costs than CPA firms with fewer clients.

    Find the Right Knowledge

    CPAs frequently concentrate on specific markets or specialties, such as serving clients who run small businesses.

    Some CPAs just concentrate on examining financial statements, while others are experts in tax compliance, asset management, or estate planning. You should look for a CPA with experience in the area where you need help.

    A CPA tackles tax planning for businesses very differently from how they approach preparing an individual's tax return.

    How can you tell if a certain CPA has the experience you need? It is best to inquire. Make a short call or write an email to make sure they provide the services you require.

    Interview With Potential CPAs

    Ask for a face-to-face meeting once you've prepared your list. Ask the CPA if they would like you to bring any information when you schedule the meeting. To help them better understand your needs, you might want to provide a copy of your most recent tax return or financial statements.

    When interviewing, find out who will be writing your financial or tax returns. More seasoned CPAs frequently delegate daily tasks to less seasoned associates in larger companies.

    Ask For The Prices

    Ask the CPA how they charge for their services during the interview. While some charge flat fees, others bill by the hour. The CPA should be able to offer you a general estimate of their fees throughout the interview. Avoid dealing with anyone who can't provide you with a rough estimate because you'll likely receive a sizable invoice in the future.


    Final key takeaways

    Give a quick look at the final key takeaways and find out what you have learned from this article to make the most out of your business finances.
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    • Bookkeeping becomes easy with a cloud-based accounting method. It paves the way to establishing a solid financial foundation.
    • Accurate bookkeeping allows app companies to better prepare them for tax season. 
    • Avoiding accounting mistakes is important if you want to make your business prosper. 
    • There are mainly three ways to do bookkeeping: one is doing it on your own, considering online bookkeeping service, or hiring a professional CPA.
    • When it comes to hiring a professional CPA for the handling of finances of your app company, take a few things into account - your needs, interviewing the CPAs, and asking for the prices.


    FAQs Answered By The Experts

    Have bookkeeping and accounting questions in mind? Here is the list of the most frequently asked ones that might help you.
    If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact us.
    By getting answers to all your queries, you’ll be free to focus where you need to be – growing your app company.
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    Are bookkeeping and accounting the same or do they differ?

    Both of them go hand in hand. Bookkeeping means a record of all financial transactions whereas accounting refers to analyzing, reporting, and summarizing the financial data. 

    Why Is Bookkeeping Important For App Companies?

    Bookkeeping brings countless benefits to app companies like keeping books updated, allowing informed planning based on collected data, and preparing you well for tax season. 

    Which Accounting Method Is Best For Handling Finances?

    Cloud-based accounting methods are cost-effective yet smart ways to better manage finances.


    For the significant growth of your app company, it is vital to work on your bookkeeping and accounting part regularly.
    Bookkeeping simply refers to keeping you on top of your finances whereas accounting is the analysis.
    App companies would employ a dedicated bookkeeper or professional CPA to reduce their much of hassle.
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