How Long Does OnlyFans Payout Take?

In this article, you will learn:

  1. How Long Does OnlyFans Payout Take?
  2. How Often Can You Get Paid from OnlyFans?
  3. What Does ‘OnlyFans Payment Has Been Processed But Not in Bank’ Mean?
  4. How Does OnlyFans Payment Work?
  5. Does OnlyFans Deposit on Weekends?
  6. Other FAQs

Are you an existing Onlyfans content creator facing a delay in payout? Are you new to OnlyFans and keen to know how long does OnlyFans payout take?

If so, keep reading for in this article we’ll help you answer all your queries from OnlyFans payment issues to OnlyFans payout time for content creators like you.

OnlyFans has been adding new payment withdrawal methods over time to help content creators withdraw money within less time and in a hassle-free way.

These payout methods vary depending on the location where the content creators are based. Likewise, the minimal withdrawal amount and the payment processing time depend on the type of payment method you choose as a content creator under ‘Add Bank’ in your profile section.

Let’s have a look at the Onlyfans payout time and minimum withdrawal amount in each of the payment withdrawal methods.

How Long Does OnlyFans Payout Take?

Are you an OnlyFans content creator whose been facing payout issues and wondering why is my OnlyFans payout taking so long? Well, you need not worry for it generally takes 3-5 business days for payments to appear in your bank account as a content creator on OnlyFans.

The following table showcases both the transaction time as well as the minimum withdrawal amount under the range of available payout methods across regions. You can head to the ‘Banking’ page on your account and check the minimum withdrawal amount for your chosen payout method.

Countries/RegionsPayment Methods AvailableMinimum WithdrawalTransaction Time
United Kingdom
  1. Direct Transfer (OCT)
$20<1 Day
  1. International Bank Transfer (SWIFT)
$2001 – 3 Days
  1. e-wallet
  1. Direct Transfer OCT (AUD only)
$20<1 Day
  1. International Transfer (AUD & CAN)
$1001 – 3 Days
  1. e-wallet
  1. Direct Transfer (OCT)
$20<1 Day
  1. International Transfer (SEPA)
$1001 – 3 Days
  1. e-wallet
USABank Transfer (AHC)$201 – 3 Days
Rest of the World
  1. Direct Transfer (OCT)
$201 – 3 Days
  1. International Transfer (SWIFT)
$5003 – 5 Days
  1. ePayments (e-wallet)
  1. Paxum (e-wallet)

Source: OnlyFans Blog

One must be wary of the fact that at times it may even take up to 10 business days for payment processing on OnlyFans. In cases where payment processing takes more than 10 days, one must contact the OnlyFans team at payments@onlyfans.com.

Further, don’t forget to attach a downloaded copy of your bank statement showcasing that you haven’t received any payments from OnlyFans when writing to the support team for payments not being processed.

The team will look into the matter and see why your payments aren’t appearing in your bank account linked to the OnlyFans account. In case you are a content creator based outside the US, you must ask the support team at OnlyFans for your Destination Trace ID about the payments being issued to you. Your bank will ask for this ID to track your wire.

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How Often Can You Get Paid from OnlyFans?

As an OnlyFans content creator, you can choose to set your payout preferences on the platform. That is, it is up to you as to when and how you want OnlyFans to pay you as a content creator.

How often can you get paid varies across various OnlyFans payout options and depends on what the payout method of your choice allows for. The following are two ways in which you can initiate a payout on OnlyFans:

a. Manual Payments

The OnlyFans Manual Payout method allows the Creators to withdraw money manually. If you choose the manual payout or on-demand payout method, you can initiate a payout by clicking the ‘Request Withdrawal’ button on your ‘Payouts Request Page’.

b. Automatic Recurring Payments

Another OnlyFans payout option that Creators can use as their payout preference is the Automatic Recurring Payments method. This method allows the Creators to receive payouts automatically in their bank account regularly, without having to manually transfer the money.

The Creators can set these recurring payments to monthly, weekly, or daily, depending on how frequently they want their payouts to be initiated. Further, the Creators must read the instructions carefully to know if the payout method of their choice allows for daily payments. This is because not all payout methods support daily withdrawal.

Also, the OnlyFans Creators need to make sure that their current balance is above the OnlyFans minimum payout amount to make the automatic recurring payments option functional.

It can be the case that the Creators’ payout is still unavailable despite having a current balance of more than the minimum payout threshold. In such situations, if the OnlyFans Creators are US-based, they must check if they have filled out the W-9 form correctly after ensuring that all their bank details are accurate.

The Creators also need to see if they have provided the details such as city, state, and ZIP on the W-9 form. If both the bank details and the W-9 form details are accurate and yet the payout is unavailable, there is a higher possibility that their payout is withheld. That’s because OnlyFans suspected the Creator’s account of fraudulent activity or violation of terms of service. It is advised that the Creators contact the support team in such a case to solve the issue and reactivate their payouts.

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What are the OnlyFans Payout Issues?

Account holders on OnlyFans, especially ones based outside the US, complain about a host of payout issues impacting their lives. While some content creators faced payment delays and rejected payout requests, others were unable to access their earnings.

These payout issues were due to technical challenges faced by one of the ‘onward payment partners’ of OnlyFans company. This resulted in panic among content creators for they were hit financially, leaving them with no money to pay for bills.

Additionally, many content creators raised concerns over the Only support team claiming that they aren’t receiving assistance from the OnlyFans team. Many content creators’ payout requests were rejected or were still under processing for over a month.

Canada-based OnlyFans adult content creators recently claimed that their banks closed or froze their accounts given the creators’ links with the adult industry.

In addition to closing their accounts, creators were informed that they could never get their funds back. This took a toll on content creators as they were unable to pay rent and bills and incur basic expenses.

Many adult content creators are asked to reach out to support groups for sex workers in Canada in case of challenges faced on account of freezing or closing of bank accounts. Scotiabank in Canada accepts funds from subscription-based platforms including OnlyFans. However, it does review every case on an individual basis.

What Does ‘OnlyFans Payment Has Been Processed But Not in Bank’ Mean?

‘OnlyFans Payment Has Been Processed But Not in Bank’ means that the OnlyFans creator’s statement showcases that the payout has been processed by OnlyFans but it does not appear in the creator’s bank account. To understand why it happens, you first need to understand how payments work on OnlyFans.

How Do Payments Work On OnlyFans?

As a creator on OnlyFans, it is important to know that whatever amount the Creators earn from subscriptions, PPVs, or tips, it first adds up to your ‘Pending Balance’.

Pending Balance’ is the amount creators earn on OnlyFans during the last 7 days. This means the amounts of earnings a creator generates on OnlyFans will remain in the ‘Pending Balance’ for 7 days.

On the eighth day, the payouts will transfer into or process through the creator’s current balance. Once the payouts are processed through the creator’s current balance, the creator’s earnings become available for withdrawal from the Current Balance.

The creators can log in to their accounts and go to the ‘Earnings’ section to check whether particular payments have been processed through to their available balance. They can look for a tick against such a payment which will signal that the payout is no longer pending and is now available for withdrawal by the creator into their bank account.

To withdraw funds into their bank account, the OnlyFans creators have to make a Payout Request. Once the creators request the OnlyFans platform for a payout, it will take three to eight business days to process the payouts into the creator’s bank account.

What To Do When OnlyFans Payment Has Been Processed But Not in Bank?

Sometimes, it can up to 10 business days. The OnlyFans creators can check their ‘Payout Requests’ section in their statements to keep track of payments. Also, to know whether the OnlyFans platform has sent out the payments, the creators can look for a tick to the right of the payment in question or the date that the payment was sent out.

If it takes more than 10 days after the payment has been listed as processed, the creators can email OnlyFans at payments@onlyfans.com. Within the email, the creators must attach a downloaded copy of their bank statement. Such a statement must display the creator’s bank details.

In addition to this, it must also have evidence that the creators have not received the payment. Those creators (outside the USA) who receive payouts through bank wire transfers must request their Destination Trace ID from Support for the deposits OnlyFans has issued to them. Such creators will need this number to provide to their bank to trace their wire.

How Does OnlyFans Payment Work?

The OnlyFans Payment works similarly to any other subscription-based platform operates. The best point in case here can be Netflix. Unless users subscribe to Netflix, they cannot get access to the films and television series streamed by the platform.

Likewise, unless the Fans subscribe to the Creators’ accounts on the OnlyFans platform, they will not be able to get exclusive access to private content posted by such Creators.

Thus, the content creators on Onlyfans make money primarily through the subscription fee paid by the Fans for subscribing to the Creators’ accounts on the OnlyFans platform. Besides the subscription fee, the other ways in which OnlyFans Creators make money include pay-per-view content, tips, paid messaging, and live-streaming.

The Creators receive 80% of the revenue on their earnings including subscriptions, paid messages, and tips. While the remaining 20% is retained by OnlyFans for referral payments, payment processing, hosting, support, and all other services.

Let’s take a look at each of the OnlyFans payout options that Creators can choose from to earn money on the platform.


The primary method through which content creators on OnlyFans earn money is through the subscription fee. The subscription fee is the amount of money that Content Creators on OnlyFans charge from their Fans for giving exclusive access to private content posted by them, once the Fans subscribe to their accounts.

Note that the OnlyFans Content Creators can set their account to be a free subscription or a paid subscription. If Content Creators offer a Free Subscription, then do not charge a monthly subscription fee to showcase their feed to the Fans.

But such accounts can offer paid posts and paid live streams to earn money on OnlyFans. However, if the Creators give a Paid Subscription, then they charge a monthly subscription fee from their Fans to give them exclusive access to the private content they post in their profile.

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b. Pay-Per-View Content

One of the other ways through which OnlyFans Creators can earn money is through “Pay-Per-View” or PPV.

PPV allows creators to monetize their content by charging a one-time fee from Fans for giving access to the specific posts posted by the Creators on their profile. This feature on the OnlyFans platform permits the creators to earn money from their content without depending only on the subscription revenue.

To earn money through the Pay-Per-View model, the Content Creators need to first create a post and then set the price for access to the post by clicking on the “Make this post-pay-per-view” button. Once the post is live, all the Fans or Users who want to view it will have to pay the set price or the one-time fee for accessing it. Thus, PPV is a great way for the pnlyFans Content Creators to earn additional revenue from their posts.

c. Tip

A Tip is another great way through which OnlyFans Content Creators can earn money. The Tip feature on the OnlyFans platform allows the creators to earn money by adding a tip button under their posts. This allows the Fans of the OnlyFans Creators to showcase their appreciation for the content posted by the Creators by tipping their streams, posts, or Direct Messages.

To activate the tip feature, the Content Creators must update their feed regularly and include a minimum of 10 posts. And to earn more money through Tips, Content Creators must engage with their Fans, update meaningful and quality content regularly, and reply to Fans’ messages. It’s important to note that Fans love to reward the Creators who make an extra effort of creating customized and quality content.

Now there are different ways through which OnlyFans Content Creators can earn money through Tips.

Tipping On Onlyfans

First, they can place a Tip button below every post which the Fans can use to tip the creators.

Second, the OnlyFans creators can also add a tip button to a DM (direct message) which Fans can use to tip the Creators directly via the direct messages interface for providing the Fans with the desired content. Note that if a Creator adds a tip to a message, it ensures that such a message is seen above other tipless messages a creator receives.

The third way in which the OnlyFans Creators can earn money through Tip is to add the Tip icon to their profile. This will allow the Fans to tip the Creators for their effort in providing meaningful and customized content to them by directly going to the account’s profile and clicking the tip button listed on the right side.

Then, the OnlyFans Creators can also go live, interact with their Fans, and earn tips for providing the content that Fans love to watch. There are two ways in which OnlyFans creators can earn money through live streaming.

How To Earn Money Through OnlyFans Livestreaming?

First, the creators can ask their Fans to tip them during their OnlyFans live-streaming session. This way, Fans can offer whatever fee they like if they believe that the Creator made an effort in providing them with high-quality content or the content that they desire to watch. The OnlyFans Creators can also set goals like the minimum amount that they wish to raise through Tips in a live streaming session, especially if they want to raise funds for a cause or charity.

Next, the OnlyFans creators can use a payment-gated stream. What this means is that the Creators can use a paywall and hide their live-stream content behind it. Therefore, the Fans who desire to view the Creator’s content will have to pay the entry fee set by the Creator to unlock the live stream.

Thus, these are some of the important ways a Content Creator can earn money on OnlyFans. To know how Creators on OnlyFans make money, check out our complete guide on how to make make money on OnlyFans.

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Does OnlyFans Deposit on Weekends?

OnlyFans does not deposit on weekends. As per the update, OnlyFans announced that payouts using Direct Transfer take up to 24 hours to reach the Content Creator’s bank account, excluding weekends. This means if the Creators withdraw money from their bank account on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, they would receive their funds on Monday. Thus, payouts on OnlyFans exclude weekends.

Other FAQs

1. Why Is My Money (Balance) Still Pending On OnlyFans?

The pending balance is different from the primary balance appearing on the ‘Statements’ page in your OnlyFans account. Your Pending balance will add up each time someone buys a subscription, pays a tip, or makes a purchase.

However, the money from the Pending Balance would show in your Primary Balance only after 7 days from the date such purchase, subscription, or tip was made by the buyer.

This is because your earnings on OnlyFans become available for withdrawal on a 7-day rolling basis. Say, you get paid on the 1st of every month. But someone paid you the tip amount on the 26th of the previous month. In this case, your tip amount will become pending and would available for payment on the 3rd of the current month instead of the 1st.

2. How Long Does Pending Money on OnlyFans Take?

As mentioned above, the Pending Balance takes 7 days to appear in the OnlyFans Creator’s Current Balance. The Pending Balance is the amount that Creators have earned during the last 7 days.

These earnings become available for withdrawal to the Creators from their Current Balance on a 7-day rolling basis. Say, for instance, money earned on March 15 will appear in the Creator’s Current Balance on March 22. Likewise, anything earned on March 16 will move from the Pending balance to the Current Balance of the Creator on March 23, and so on.

Once the payouts start reflecting in the Creator’s Current Balance, the creators become eligible to withdraw the payouts through their bank account. It may take another 3 to 5 business days for payouts to start appearing in their bank accounts after they start reflecting in the creator’s Current Balance.

Creators can withdraw money as per their choice by selecting the Pay-out Request options in their accounts. Once the payment is made, they will see a tick specifying that the payment has been successfully processed.

3. Do You Get Paid Instantly With OnlyFans?

Most payment options allow a minimum withdrawal amount of $20 for content creators. However, you can check the minimum withdrawal limit for various payout options across various regions in the above table.

You can set manual/on-demand withdrawals and raise a payout request of as low as $20 from the company. Or you can set automatic recurring payments on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and get paid. Payments come into your bank account in 3-5 business days.

4. What Time Does OnlyFans Deposit Money?

Generally, it takes 3-5 business days for your payout money to appear in your bank account. However, it may even take up to 10 days in some cases.

Likewise, if you are based in locations where OnlyFans offers direct transfers, your payouts may take up to 24 hours to appear in your bank accounts excluding weekends. Additionally, if you withdraw your payments manually, you can withdraw as low as $20 in some cases.

You can check the above section to know the minimum withdrawal amount as well as the transaction time for various payout methods.

5. How Can I Withdraw Money From OnlyFans?

To withdraw money from OnlyFans, the Creators must first log in to their accounts. After logging in, they must click the ‘Settings’ icon at the right corner of their home screen.

On the ‘Settings’ menu, the Creators must select ‘Statements’ from the drop-down and look for their Pending Balance and Current Balance earned through the month. Before withdrawing earnings from their OnlyFans account, the Creators must ensure that they have the minimum payout amount in their OnlyFans account.

The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the Creator’s chosen payout method. Note that for most payout methods, the minimum withdrawal amount is $20.

In case the Creators fail to maintain the minimum payout balance in their account, they will not be able to withdraw money from their OnlyFans account. After checking for the minimum payout balance, the Creators need to click on their balance and then select ‘Bank Transfer’.

There are two ways in which the Creators can make a payout request: manual payment and automatic recurring payment.

OnlyFans Creators Earnings Payout Options

The Manual Payment method allows the Creators to manually transfer the money from the OnlyFans Current Balance into their bank account. Whereas, the Automatic Recurring Payments method will automatically transfer money from the OnlyFans Current Balance into the bank account of the Creators. The OnlyFans Creators can select the method that best suits their needs. It takes 3 to 5 business days for the money to move from the OnlyFans Creators’ Current Balance to their bank accounts.

6. How Long Does OnlyFans Withdrawal Take?

OnlyFans offers various payout methods for content creators to withdraw their funds. These vary based on the location of the content creators and include direct transfers, international transfers, and e-wallets.

Typically, it takes 3-5 business days for the funds to appear in the bank account linked to the content creator’s OnlyFans account. In the case of direct transfers, your payments may appear within 24 hours in your bank accounts. However, it may even take up to 10 days in some cases.

Also, there are two ways in which content creators can initiate payouts. These include manual or on-demand transfers and Automatic Recurring payments which can be set to daily, monthly, or weekly payments. You can choose when to initiate a payout and withdraw a minimum of $2o in most of the payout methods offered by OnlyFans.

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