What To Look For When Hiring An eCommerce Accountant?

https://youtu.be/HruDiTZOkI0 How To Hire An Accountant For Your eCommerce Business Imagine paying $500 to some random international accountant you found on Upwork or Fiverr… Claiming they can implement bookkeeping or tax strategies to help you save money in your business when all they did was string you along… And take advantage of your lack of … Read more

What Is The Best Business Credit Card To Get For An eCommerce Business Owner? (And Why International sellers should get one too!)

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If you give us 10 minutes, we will show you how you can earn over 2,400 dollars in the first 3 months of your business… Just for opening a credit card and spending your normal amount on your business.  How cool is that? We are going over how powerful applying and using a business credit … Read more

Don’t Make This Mistake When Paying Your Shopify taxes…

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https://youtu.be/86SXHAaMlIo Don’t Make This Mistake When Paying Your Shopify Taxes… You are running your store, making 100/day, 1000/day, oh man, 10,000 a day….and you are dreaming about that Ferrari….you’re going to buy and then… (STOP SIGN SOUND)…the IRS COMES HUFFING AND PUFFING AND BLOW YOUR DOOR DOWN.  Because you probably assume… Yeah, Shopify doesn’t pay … Read more

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